Feature Friday: Biking

I can’t help but feel kinda silly about reblogging this. Liz, the writer of Here to Conquer gave me some serious props in this post. I was and am honored. But I also love this video and would have reposted it regardless of the rest. So here it is, and Liz, again, thank you!

Here To Conquer

Not only is it worth celebrating the fact that today is Friday- BUT it is also the beginning of a three day weekend!

In honor of Labor Day, today’s post was inspired by a fellow blogger and friend- Tony.

Tony has a great passion for living an adventurous life on two wheels.  The man has conquered over 10,000 miles biking (commence the jaw-dropping). Life is amazing when you find something that lights up a spark within you and brings excitement into life. Everyone deserves to have that something that gets you going. It can be anything. But living your life with passion gives you a drive to bring more into your world and to strive to do more. Even 10,000 miles.

Because of his great passion (and I believe his wife also had something to do with it), Tony began blogging and sharing his views and experiences cultivated from the…

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