Winter is Coming

OK, it is still August.  So maybe it’s not coming tomorrow.  In fact Washington State (at least Western Wa where I live) is having a record-breaking heat wave right now.  What?  It hasn’t made the news where you are?  How hot has it been you ask? Are there heat alerts?  Cooling stations set up?  Have the train tracks warped?

Well it’s not really that kind of heat wave.

You see, it’s not the day time highs, they haven’t gotten about 85 really (which is WAY to hot for me.) You see our heat wave is happening at night!

Here is western Wa, we live next to Puget Sound.  A huge inland part of the Pacific Ocean, and let me tell you, the water is cold!  This means at night, normally we get a breeze off the water and it cools right down.  Its why most of us don’t have air conditioning.  As long as we put a fan in the window, we actually have to cover up at night.  Feels perfect.

NOT this year.  We have had record high low temps.  Some nights it’s barely gotten below 70.  Thais unheard of for us!  It has also brought us something we don’t normally get.  Humidity.  OK, we aren’t talking Georgia, Mid West or east coast sticky.  But for here, its been bad.  People are getting cranky, and I have to sit in front of a fan after my lunch time walk, just to be presentable again!

Add to all this it’s the end of August.  That means truthfully, wet rainy weather is a comin!  Its time to get ready for the  winter.  So while it’s hot and I am sweating, we have to make sure we keep the house warm this summer.  The cats HATE the cold.

imageYep that’s the back yard!  2 cords of wood were delivered yesterday (oh did I mention we had almost an inch of rain yesterday?  Hasn’t rained in MONTHS, then the day the wood shows… Oh well.)  So, I have already started moving it, wheel barrow full at a time, to the big storage area we have. It’s working out well that this is a 3 day weekend AND the manchild is with us!

Why so much wood?  Well we have a tiny older house with a crappy furnace.  In all honesty, once we get the stove going, we need to open the door for cool air sometimes!  Plus, who wants to snug and sip wine in front of a gas furnace or a heater vent?  We prefer the wood stove.

So every year at this time, Michelle tracks down the best deal on wood, and then I add the muscle to get it in the right place.  it’s a GREAT team effort.  By next weekend, I will show you a picture of all the wood stored.  Then bring on the cold and wet, we will be dry as a tater chip, and toasty warm.

Though I gotta admit, right now I’d love a bit of cold!  Have I mentioned I really am not a fan of hot weather?

Oh well, enough whining.  Busy day ahead!


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