Weather Advisory part 2!

Well yesterday I told y’all about a “rain event” that was occurring in the Seattle area.  Turns out, we set a record.  The single wettest September day ever, 1.71 inches at the airport.  Yep, there were some times that there was a serious gully washer going on.  A bit of urban flooding, some flooded basements, but nothing more than we can handle.

It is entirely possible though, that by the time this posts, I will be telling a completely different story.  The weather around her today has been a bit nuts.  My mom, heading over Chinook Pass posted this picture:



Though it’s a bit early, it isn’t unheard of to have snow on Chinook in September.  It really is kinda pretty.  But, this is NOT the weather we are concerned about here today. Continue reading “Weather Advisory part 2!”

Batten down the hatches!

You can’t be a cyclist is Seattle and be afraid of riding in the rain. Come October until June, it can happen anytime. So if you are afraid to get wet, you might as well buy a lifecycle and hang up helmet.

That being said, there are days that are simply NOT made for riding. Today, hell this weekend, is one of these. Continue reading “Batten down the hatches!”

Majorly Grouchy

People who have to put up with me on a daily basis have informed me that I can be annoying.  Now to be fair, I am told this for a variety of reasons.  Actually too many to list here.  But in this case, it’s because I am a morning person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping in.  My wife and I have it set so the radio turns on to NPR an hour before we have to wake up.  That starts our extra snug time, one or both of us might fall back asleep during this time, but wrapping arms around her for that time makes the day better.

Once we are up and at work, though,  I have been known to be WIDE awake.  Whistling, saying “GOOD MORNING!!” and trying to get the rest of the world up and moving.  I am known for being in a good mood. There are many out there that HATE good moods before 8 AM.


Today, I was NOT a happy, man, I was GROUCHY! Continue reading “Majorly Grouchy”

A Spirit of Adventure

I have had an evening with a fast cycle commute home, followed by a run to the store, and then sneaking in a quick mowing of the grass before a large “rain event” starts tomorrow.  So in short, its been busy since work ended.  But it wasn’t mentally busy.  Meaning while doing all of the above, the mind was free to ponder.

A word of warning here, some of my posts after a “pondering” evening have been known to ramble. But I will try to keep it on track….

What was I pondering?  Well as the title says, I was thinking about the phrase “Spirit of Adventure” and how it manifests itself differently in people. Continue reading “A Spirit of Adventure”

Elixir of Life!

I am not really a pop drinker.  Or depending on where you come from, a soda drinker.  When I eat lunch or dinner at home, I usually drink water with it.  Breakfast at home, it’s my morning tea.  When eating out, sometimes I will get an orange juice, and almost always coffee with breakfast.  Lunch or dinner, I drink a lot of water.  This does NOT of course include those times wine or beer is called for.

When I am thirsty, I simply don’t think of a sweet, bubbly beverage.  I think water or PowerAde and try to stay very hydrated.  VERY rarely I will have a root beer for a change.  The carbonated beverage industry would go broke if it relied on me.  That is, of course, with one exception.  Continue reading “Elixir of Life!”

Now THAT Sounds like Fun!

Folks I am not, by nature a sitter.  Many people have thought I was very strange to take a week’s vacation and cycle the Oregon coast.  Or take another week and spend it on a glacier in Denali National Park refining my mountaineering skills.  

Even when Michelle and I went to Boston and to Key West, we spent much of the vacation walking all over the place.  I like to see stuff, do things, and fit as much into a vacation as I can.  Michelle says I just don’t relax well.

I can sit for hours and read.  To me that is doing something, but I have never been a sit on a beach kind of guy.

For the same reasons, I like things that get the adrenalin pumping.  So years ago, when Dave emailed me and asked if I wanted to do something we had never done before, I was ALL over it! Continue reading “Now THAT Sounds like Fun!”

The Moment

I have commented MANY times since I started this game, that you NEVER know what it is that will inspire a post.  Scary enough, since I began in Mid January of this year, I have posted damn near every day.  I keep thinking, “Sometime I will slow down!”  Or “Sometime I will run out of stuff to write about.” I keep thinking it, but it doesn’t happen.

Now, I am pretty darn sure that the only two people who have read every post I have written are my lovely wife Michelle and Mom!  But I know, that there are a lot of you that read a lot of the posts.  and I just want to say thanks!

I start this post this way, because tonight, after a night out with our friend Kaye, and a long day at work I had no stinkin clue what, or IF I was going to do a post.  but then it happened. Continue reading “The Moment”