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Weather Advisory part 2!

Well yesterday I told y’all about a “rain event” that was occurring in the Seattle area.  Turns out, we set a record.  The single wettest September day ever, 1.71 inches at the airport.  Yep, there were some times that there … Continue reading

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Batten down the hatches!

You can’t be a cyclist is Seattle and be afraid of riding in the rain. Come October until June, it can happen anytime. So if you are afraid to get wet, you might as well buy a lifecycle and hang … Continue reading

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Majorly Grouchy

People who have to put up with me on a daily basis have informed me that I can be annoying.  Now to be fair, I am told this for a variety of reasons.  Actually too many to list here.  But in this … Continue reading

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A Spirit of Adventure

I have had an evening with a fast cycle commute home, followed by a run to the store, and then sneaking in a quick mowing of the grass before a large “rain event” starts tomorrow.  So in short, its been … Continue reading

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Elixir of Life!

I am not really a pop drinker.  Or depending on where you come from, a soda drinker.  When I eat lunch or dinner at home, I usually drink water with it.  Breakfast at home, it’s my morning tea.  When eating … Continue reading

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Now THAT Sounds like Fun!

Folks I am not, by nature a sitter.  Many people have thought I was very strange to take a week’s vacation and cycle the Oregon coast.  Or take another week and spend it on a glacier in Denali National Park … Continue reading

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The Moment

I have commented MANY times since I started this game, that you NEVER know what it is that will inspire a post.  Scary enough, since I began in Mid January of this year, I have posted damn near every day. … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

I had meant to post this a while ago, back when it first happened, but it has been a busy coupla of weeks.   Then today, I stumbled on the pictures I took.  So, after a rainy, but great day … Continue reading

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Those of us who are members of Facebook, have those friends that post cars, or sayings from time to time.  They may promote booze, the fact that moms have a hard job, or just something that makes us laugh. I … Continue reading

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The Cusp

Ask people in the United States if they’d like to visit Seattle.  Quite a few of them will tell you, “Hell no!  All it does is rain up there, why would we want to go?”  Many, not all of course, … Continue reading

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