Scaring the Children

I am a pretty good dad.  We have two boys, the Math Major is now 20 and the Manchild is 15.  Both of them are smarter than hell, and they and I get along better than my dad and I did.  One measure is the visiting.  When my folks split up, I liked being in my own room, so visiting my Dad wasn’t that big a deal.  Our boys came up every weekend, unless school got in the way.

However, since they were knee-high to a grasshopper, there is one time I scare them and they really don’t want to be around me. 

It’s the Cougar Football games.  Either on TV or the radio, I get totally wrapped up.  I shout with joy when we score.

Editors note:  There are certain things that can be passed down from father to son.  My dad was a drill sergeant in the Army.  That man’s voice could carry for MILES.  I know, because there were many times  i was on the receiving end of “the voice”  My voice has this carrying capacity So when I yell “TOUCHDOWN!” the windows rattled.

In addition to windows rattling it’s loud enough to make children cry.  Lord, then when we screwed up F-bombs slipped out, as well as every other 4 letter word you can think of totally not appropriate for children.

Editors note 2:  I was sober for 99% of these games.  I didn’t like drinking in front of the kids when they were little.  It’s just the emotions get wrapped up in with the Cougs, the ups and downs.  I honestly get to the end of the games physically and mentally exhausted.

Luckily Michelle, being an OSU Beaver fan, has the same issues.  My yelling doesn’t bother her.

I tell yall this, after a COUGAR loss today, because I went to a plan B today.  I wanted to try to control the yelling, so I came up with a plan.  I took the radio outside.  Had the game going, but I also kept myself busy!  Wood stacking! Here was the pile at the beginning.



There was nothing stacked when I started, but when I finally stopped, after a VERY exciting and painful game, the pile is now MUCH smaller.



And the wood now looks like this!



I still yelled, cringed, complain and cussed, but I was outside and I had an outlet for the pain!  And I was productive!  I am still exhausted, and the loss still hurt, but instead of spending the day inside yelling and scaring children, I am way ahead of the winter prep schedule!.

For the record, I expect my guys to get blown out of the water today, we held our own till a late game interception in the red zone!  I know have hopes for a decent football year.

The down side, by the next game, I will have no more wood to stack…  Quick!  Somebody save the children!

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