Rackin up the miles: August 2013

Well folks, here it is Labor Day weekend.  Traditionally the end of summer.  Thankfully though, it is not the end of cycling season in the Northwest.  Even though the rains and cold weather are about 45 days away, I don’t normally have to contend with snow (Quick to the a piece of wood for knocking!) so I can ride all year.

All in all, this has been an interesting month!  It seems like Michelle and I have been on the go non stop since it started!  We never quite know how we end up getting so busy so often, but we will sit, look at the calendar and suddenly realize we are swamped!  (You know, someone paying attention might think I am working my way up to an excuse for a lousy mileage total….)Well honestly I am not.  It wasn’t the best month ever, but it was far from the worst.  Final tally, 363 total miles for the month.  I would rate that a:

imageI could have easily gotten over 400 miles with a quick 40 mile ride on Saturday, the last day of August.  However, as we know, sometimes there are other priorities!  In this case it was firewood and a Cougar game.

Now I will guarantee that I burned more calories in the 6+ hours I worked on the wood pile yesterday than I would have on a bike ride.  From the creaks, cracks and groans this morning, I can tell I used muscles I haven’t even thought of since, well, last years wood pile!

Then combine it with the increased heart rate and breathing during the stressful football game (we COUG’d it, threw at interception at the goal line with 4 minutes left) I am happy with the exercise I got!

However, the month was FAR from a bust bikewise.  First and foremost, I completed the Crater Lake Century!  One of the 2 hardest rides I have ever attempted!

cropped-image23.jpgIf I had not ridden another inch aside from that the month would be a success.

However, I also broke in and got to know a brand new bike!  At the end of last month, the old one was taken by thieving scum.  I still have hopes the bike gods have taken care of him in their own way.  So I had 2 weeks to get to ‘know’ the quirks and nuances of the new bike before Crater Lake.

It performed very well!  I have had only one issue, yes it was a big one, when the back brakes seized 2 miles from the finish line.  However, every other ride has gone smoothly and without a hitch.  I’ve continued the bike commuting and the training rides.  These will both continue with the summer weather  extending through September.

I also earned some bike karma by fixing a flat for some kids on the Burke Gilman trail.  Hopefully someday they will both get the chance to pay it forward, and do so.

Finally, and most importantly, I put the bike aside for Michelle and I to relax and enjoy ourselves in Port Townsend a week ago.  It was the most relaxed we’ve been in months, and we needed time with each other, away from EVERYONE!

In September, the last Century ride comes up in 2 week, the ride around the sound, I get to ride over the Narrows bridge!  With that ride, I will have crossed the 3 bridges with the biggest collapses in Northwest history!  (More on that on another post!)

Like the wind folks!  We will see what I report at the end of September!


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