Yep, They’re Mine…

Everyone, I am sure, has someone on Facebook who likes to post those E cards with different sayings and messages.  Frequently, the ones I see are about wine, beer, being a mom, being fabulous and more wine.  However, earlier this week I saw one that actually made fit me. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  It was this one:



Yep, much to their maternal grandparents chagrin at times (I am sure), this has happened to me!

I am not what you would call the most…(I am trying to find the right word here…Its not reverent, respectful, courteous, none of these really fit). What I am trying to say is that I find humor where most others don’t.  An example?  Well just so happens I have a couple 🙂

My ex grandfather-in-law, passed away in the late 90s.  His wife, a full-blooded Irish Catholic, had the full catholic funeral.  I, somehow got drafted as a pall bearer.  So there I was in the front 2 rows, next to my ex bro-in-law, and he was bawling.  So I was doing everything I could to look anywhere but the BIL.  No guy likes to get caught crying (Except while watching Old Yeller, its ok to shed one tear when he gets shot.)

So first thing I do is look at the front of the room, and there on the stage was a table with photos of grandpa and his baseball hat.  Made me smile cuz I NEVER saw him without that Mariner hat!  About that time, the priest comes walking in swinging what I think was incense.  (All I know was there was smoke coming out of this ball at the end of the chain.)  He passed two kids of about 7 or 8 who got a face full of the smoke,  They were plugging their noses and waving there arms to get rid of the smoke!  It was EVERYTHING I could do to keep from busting out laughing, and my laugh is LOUD!  So I was quietly giggling, and hoping the BIL would think itwas sobs.

My own dads funeral?  All I could think of was “He’d HATE this!”  Formal, tears, preaching, everything the man despised (Yep I got my humor from him).  That is until my nephew was going to play trumpet, and dropped the music.  My kid bro tried to help, and made it worse.  This time I DID laugh!  And when it was my turn to speak, I made half the crowd (those that understood me) laugh.  My dad was married to Julie, who came from Korea.  So have the room was Italian (Dad’s side) and half were Korean.  Not all spoke English.  My goal was to make people smile, and I know I honored my dad in doing so!

So, why do I tell you this?  Because both the Manchild and the Math Major have inherited my humor.  Mathmajor, the oldest, is the more serious of the 2.   Something will happen, or be said, or come on TV/Radio and we will shoot each other a look.  We both know what the other thinking, but unless he is tired and rummy, he doesn’t show it as much.

Manchild?  He is me!  We both love bad joke Friday on a local radio station.  He tells me when he has cracked a joke in class.  I get on him for doing so instead of studying, but problem is, I woulda said the same thing, and he knows it.  Someday, I am pretty damn sure he will get punched for one comment or another,  but even so, I am just as sure I will find the comment funny.  He and I have a saying.  “That is just WRONG.  FUNNY!  But very wrong….”

I thought today was his first day of school.  I know many fathers give the kids a word of advice or encouragement to start the day.  I did the same.  And who better to quote than Bill Murray in Ghostbusters!  I texted him “Let’s show this bitch how we do things downtown!” (Well he is 15…)  He replied Thanks dad!  but that’s tomorrow!  (whoops….)

But it’s not just the humor the got.  Both kids are smarter than hell and love science. Manchild is very excited about Chemistry this year, meanwhile Mathmajor has left me in the dust math wise.  In both cases, they are taking after me.

They also take NOTHING on faith.  I raised them to question anything that does not have proof.  (It’s what I do) For example, they have heard me ask since they were knee-high why tornadoes don’t bounce of churches.  Just seems to me they should…  They are intelligent skeptics, and can hold their own in very deep and philosophical discussions.  (though Manchild will crack a joke I am sure!

I wanted both boys to become independent, free thinkers, who seek knowledge, demand proof and have fun in life.  I am happy to say I think I succeeded.  Even though I threaten to sell them on Craigslist, these two are definitely mine!  Lord help their future wives!


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