I really don’t know if this is something unique to the Northwest, or this happens everywhere.  What’s a bit strange to me, is that I don’t remember this as something that has always happened, and I have lived in Washington since 1977.  However, at least nowadays, this is a sure sign that fall is approaching.


Yep!  As I walked out the back door yesterday, I came eye to eye with this guy!  And he is not alone.  For some reason, come September, the spiders invade!  I have learned to be very careful going out our back door.  (Which is where the garbage cans are.)  Three years ago, I wasn’t paying attention, and walked right into a spider web.  I HATE the feeling of a web on me.  To make matters worse, this time I made the owner of the web mad.  The S.O.B bit me on the shoulder!  Spider bites itch, hurt and linger for weeks!

It just seems strange to me that they would be around so much now.  I would think they would be doing so earlier in the summer when the bugs are at their worst.  But nope, you can set your calendar by it here.  Looking around from where I am typing, can see at least 3 of them outside the windows.

I would be OK with it if they stayed outside.  But these guys are sneaky!  A couple of weeks ago, a huge wolf spider went scurrying across the floor in the kitchen.  Right in front of the cat I might add.  Mewson looked right at it, and I could see him thinking and deciding “OH HELL NO!”  I am going to let the “litter box cleaner” (that’s me) deal with that monster.

But it gets worse….  Tuesday I took Michelle to the airport.  On the way back, since it was raining I took a back way to work, the freeway was ALL messed up.  I hadn’t been on this road in a long time, and there had been some changes, so I was paying closer attention to the traffic than normal.  Next thing I know, the cousin of guy pictured above climbed a web and disappeared behind the INSIDE rearview mirror!  And there was a damn thing I could do about it!

I looked for him after I got to work, but nope, never found him.  I’m sure he left the same way he came in….

But then today…  The Mathmajor had his last day working the roasted corn stand at Seattle Center.  He showed up at my office, and talked me into driving him to work (it was still monsooning here).  I get him there, and drop him off, then look to my left to merge back into traffic.  Dangling down from the ceiling, right at the drivers window, was the little sister of the one that disappeared Tuesday.

This one I KNOW is gone.  I opened the window and flicked it with my finger and I saw her fly 15 feet away!  She won’t be back, but now I wonder how many more are there!

I am not one of those deathly afraid of spiders.  In fact, I love the fact they eat mosquitos, cuz I HATE mosquitos.  However, some places they should not be.  One is in the shower.  Like I said, they bite, and being in a shower with what could be one mad arachnid is a bad idea.  Shower spiders die.  Another is running across the living room floor.  If they stay hidden, they are fine, but appear and they get tossed outside, even if there is snow (Tupperware and a beer coaster work well for this task).  The last place is the car!  There isn’t enough room to avoid each other!  I have little mercy for these as well.

So tell me, is this a northwest thing?  Or is everyone dodging these guys right now.  I know my Australian friends are laughing at me.  They have spiders that’ll kill ya!  Or are big enough to carry away a small child.  All I can say is that I am glad YALL have them and not me!

Oh, last piece of advice, a vacuum cleaner does a GREAT job killing the biggest ones at my house….

13 thoughts on “They are EVERYWHERE!

  1. Its not just you Tony, spiders have there place, just not near me. Im quite often end up dancing around like a freak trying to get cobwebs off me when I go hiking, these little bleeders are everywhere.

  2. I am deathly afraid of spiders (same with roaches), and I will scream like a banshee if one happens to come in contact with me. I think it comes from the time I almost ran straight into a large Banana Spider in the middle of her web at my grandmother’s house out in the country. Those things aren’t poisonous, but they sure are large and scary looking.

  3. Ugh, so gross. Some spiders I find really beautiful, like those little jumping spiders that are so cute. The wolf spider is so gross. We have so many of those. There’s a huge spider that got trapped in between the screen and window near Chester’s perch. Now it’s dead and dangling in the wind. Occasionally he will run at the window full force, “pounce” on the spider through the window, trill and run away.

    Here I know it’s nearing fall when I see wooly worms 🙂

  4. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Trapped in a car with a freaky spider like that?! EEEPPP! I don’t like those situations.

    And now I am frantically checking around for spiders… I’m in a basement apartment and luckily don’t see many. BUT, what I see are super gross centipede things. Ugh. Gross. I almost threw up. I hate them.

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