Trying to get my butt in gear!

Ever have those times that you just DON’T want to work out.  When the call of the couch is hard to resist?  Worse yet, snacks are calling your name, and they want to join you on the couch!

Lately I feel that I have been giving into the “butt on the couch” mode too often and I KNOW I have been snacking way too much!  Taking a look at my picture at the rim of Crater Lake, and you can totally see the belly has grown!

cropped-image23.jpgI have been afraid to step on the scale at work.  But I know I am carrying a helluva lot more girth than I was when I started the new job.

Today was one of those days that the couch was shouting my name!  The Manchild had a Nintendo Smash brothers tournament today. (Yep, they have those).  So at 11 AM I took him to Starbucks to get “primed” for the day!

Since this will take all day, I planned to do a training ride.  I got home, had lunch, and stated getting ready to go.  I am not happy to say that I had to PUSH myself hard to get on the bike.  All I wanted to do was just sit and vege out.  And I don’t know why.  Maybe I am burned out.

Well I got myself saddled up and took off!  I decided to do a quick 40 miler, and swing by Woodinville to pick up our wine allotment from the William Church wine club.  The ride felt good!  I adjusted the seat a bit, and that made pedaling seem SO much easier!

It was the perfect day to ride, broken clouds, not too warm, felt really good.  Within a coupe of miles the legs were warmed up and i was very happy to be on two wheels!

Now normally I ride in the early morning.  Leaving close to noon, meant a LOT more cars on the road. Even my buddy the Mudsucker was out running around!  He saw some guy in a COUG shirt riding, then did a double take to say “HEY that’s Tony!”  I got a text from him letting me know he passed me.

30 miles into the ride I was in Woodinville.  That place was NUTS!  Cars everywhere, parking lots full, I am not sure what was going on, but I haven’t seen it THAT busy in a long time.  I was glad I was on a bike, no parking issues at all!

I first stopped at Dusted Valley (My favorite place) to say “Hi!” to Jill and Colleen.  While there, I met a younger couple and their very cute almost 1 year old daughter!  They were new to the northwest, and big time hikers, so we were comparing places to go (One of the fun things that can happen in Woodinville)

The little one was really enjoying the echo in the room, so she was doing her best to hear her own voice.  It was happy baby noises, but the mom was worried she was being too noisy.  I pointed out that the baby wasn’t HALF as loud as the drunk bachlorette party behind us (ALL wearing ugly floppy hats) so let the little one sing :).

I hit William Church to get our allotment.  I came prepared with bubble wrap and the yellow bag.

IMG_3516With the bubble wrap, the side bags held two bottle apiece no problem at all!  I had planned to grab and go, when the ladies inside yelled “GO GOUGS!”  Turns out one was a 1989 grad (she was there when I was) and the other was 2006. (Just a pup).  We talked football, old times, Pullman and the changes to campus.  The place was empty, so it was nice after the noisy drunk girls!  It was fun.

I decided to buzz over to Ross Andrew to say Hi to Ross, Cassidy and Ellie.  Again I hadn’t planned to stay, but when I showed up, Ross announced that a drunk bus with 16 women was about to show up.  Now Ross is recently divorced, younger, owns a winery and ladies like him a lot!  Cassidy, Ellie and I were having a great time just sitting back and watching the flirting on both side!  Made me giggle!

Refilled the water bottle at Ross’ and I was off for the 12 miles home.  Again, perfect, upper 60s, a bit of a tailwind, and I was home in nothing flat.  More importantly, I was very happy I went riding.

Sunday, I am going to try to wake up the Manchild early and drag him to Mt Rainier.  Time to get him out in nature!  I’ll try to post some pics when I get back!

On the not so good side, I am going to step on the scale at work, and see how bad things are!  Might be time to get my butt back on weight watchers AND send all the snacks home with the kid!




7 thoughts on “Trying to get my butt in gear!

  1. I haven’t stepped on my scale at home in so long. I went to the doctor on Friday and had to step on the scale. I am at my all time high 🙁 I have been so lazy since I graduated from college. Work takes it out of you and all you want to do is go home and relax! This is a habit I need to break though because I already sit all day 😉
    I definitely know where you are coming from!

  2. A “quick 40 miler”? I just did 36 miles and thought I was going to die! I can’t wait until I am able to say something like that 🙂 soon. Yes, hopefully soon!

    And yes, there are many days where I just want to bow up and eat and do nothing. I always feel crappy afterwards, and never regret going for a ride and I try to use that to force myself to get on the bike. It helps having someone else who also likes to ride bikes. Although, some days, when we are both feeling lazy, there’s no hope for emerging outside and we just putt around the apartment.

    Glad that you got yourself on the bike!

    1. Today was a putt day! But the bike is packed and alarm set so I can bike to work tomorrow morning. 17 miles each way :). Then a century on Saturday!

      I ride alone :). My friends all think. A nuts!

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