It’s only Weird if it Doesn’t Work!

It was a great, albeit stressful football weekend here in Mountainstrohville!  First, and most importantly, my WSU COUGS went down to LA and beat USC 10 – 7.  The first time in 10 years we’ve beaten the Trojans, and one of the few times in history we have done so in LA!  I had my new Coug shirt on!  (More about this later.)

Today, the Seahawks had an UGLY game, but in the end they played just a little better than the Panthers and won 12 – 6.  The only thing that would have made this weekend better, would have been a loss by the UW Huskies, but they didn’t play.

But todays post isn’t really about the my happiness with the results of the games (and I am!) it’s about how fans affect who wins! 

Well at least we think we do!

Let me explain.  There is a commercial for one beer or another that says “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work” poking fun at football fans and the strange things they do.  The lucky shirts, the rituals, rubbing the bald guys head, rally towels, or sitting in a certain spot.  I love these commercials because they are very true!

During the Seahawk game, my VP of marketing posted on Facebook that it was time to take off his new white jersey, and switch back to old reliable, his blue one!  The rookie jersey just wasn’t ready for the regular season.

I saw a lady tweet after the COUG win that she watched the whole game in a bridesmaids dress.  She was bombarded with people telling her she would have to wear that dress doing every game this season.  I would bet the vast majority were completely serious!  She seemed quite willing actually….

My own gorgeous wife.  If she is wearing a Seahawk jersey and they are doing poorly, off it comes!  She switches to something that has NOTHING to do with football.  She was also convinced her OSU Beavers did MUCH better last year on the game days she didn’t wear Orange and Black.

So I look at this, and of course I apply my science teacher background.  Pure superstition!  There is no logical reason to believe that anything we do or wear has any effect over our team.  I am the man who questions everything.  Why don’t tornadoes bounce off churches?  Why does the pope need a bulletproof car?  Why did they ruin the movie Titanic with 2 hours of a love story, then only give 30 minutes of the cool sinking part?  If it doesn’t make sense, I question it!

So this means, of course, that I have NO football superstitions at all!


Every year I buy a new COUG t shirt.  If they win when I wear it the first time, I wear it all year!  This year I wore last year’s winner for our first game last week.  We lost!  No more game days for that one!  The new shirt will be worn all year since it brought us our win this weekend!

When I go to the game, I wear my COUG foam head!

imageI’ve been to more wins than losses, and I owe it all to the foam head!

During todays Seahawk game, I was getting frustrated!  So I put on the Seahawk hat, and left!  No lie, there have been many times they seem to play MUCH better when I am not watching the game!  I went and got coffee, did the grocery shopping, got gas, and when I came home. We were winning, AND we stayed ahead.  It’s the little things I do that can help.

Shoot, even back in my soft-tip dart days.  The guys and I had a team.  I would get an extra glass and pour a quarter-inch of beer in it.  Then, when I needed a good round, I would first soak my darts.  People would ask “does it help?”  Often enough for me to keep doing it!  Maybe the beer made the darts fly straighter!

Regardless, even though I question everything else in life, sports traditions and superstitions are not to be questioned!  I once showed up 2 hours early to a softball championship game just to keep the other team from getting the dugout they liked.  Both were the same, but that was their dugout.  I got it first, and we beat them twice that day!  Taking number 1!  I messed with their heads!

Believe me, if there was a way to disrupt the opposing teams superstitions, I’d be all over it every week!

This is why I’ve taught the kids, question religion all you want!  But do NOT touch my COUG foam head!

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