A Good Cycling Day

Today was a good day to be on two wheels.  Don’t get me wrong, any day riding outside beast working out in the gym, riding the bike in the shed or being stuck in a car during rush hour.  Not all days are the same though.

There are some days where you just don’t have the eye of the tiger going.  Riding the bike seems more like exercise than enjoyment on these days.  The uphills feel steeper, head winds stronger, and even the downhill portions don’t seem as fast.  Many times there is no rhyme or reason for this kind of ride, it is just one that has to be endured.

I often try to figure out why I’ve had a ride like that.  Have I had enough sleep, have I done too many miles, did I forget to air up the tires?  Eat too much or too little?  I don’t have these  ‘bad’ rides often, but I have yet to find a pattern to them.  If they happened too often i might stop riding.

But, as I said above, today was NOT one of those days!  I woke up early enough to bike to work.  Win number one!  I need to be out of bed at 4:45 to make it work.  Done!  I chose correctly the bike attire today.  It was very dark, very foggy, so a light windbreaker and shoe covers were selected.  PERFECT!  Not too cold or too warm.

Today was the darkest I’ve ever ridden in.  My light does ok, but with the sun coming up later, being underneath trees AND the fog all combined, I was in a little bubble of light.  It was fun though.  I felt like I was floating to work at times instead of rolling.  The trail is easy to follow, but at times I felt like it was only 6 inches wide.  Just made the commute that much more exciting.

There were very few other bikes on the trail, and I made excellent time!  I got to work and had the shower room to myself.  The perfect morning commute!

Coming home was much the same way!  I don’t know if I had a tailwind, or I was just feeling no pain, but this was the easiest commute in a long time!  Last week I tried to use a backpack instead of the panniers, hated it!  Went back to normal today and felt SO much better.  No wait on the back, cooler with the sun out, a much better plan.

Not sure why, but the trail seemed wide open today.  Fewer bikes, fewer kids, maybe they were all still in school, but it was a nice change.  I didn’t have dodge, stroller joggers, cell phone chatters, or the worst, smokers.  I HATE riding into a cloud of cigarette smoke!  Even the 4 mile uphill at the end seemed relatively easy.

Like I said, a bad day cycling beats a good day at work.  But today was just a day that helped me remember why I ride.  I even got the drug store errands done on the way home!  I won’t be riding again till Thursday, tomorrow I have man-child, and I am trying NOT to over do it the week before the last century ride of the year on Saturday.  So a couple of days off is a good idea.  But it felt good to end the ride and feel like this:

Happy rider!
Happy rider!

Instead of like this


If I could figure out a way to get everyone to have days like this, there would be a helluva lot more cyclists and lot fewer people in cars!  But then my route would be crowded and I might be grouchy….  I better rethink this!

4 thoughts on “A Good Cycling Day

  1. I’ve had some great days cycling recently, but sometimes either a bad night’s sleep or not enough carbs for breakfast makes a ride seem like a death march. On a ride a couple weeks ago I got off the bike to see if the brakes were stuck or my tires were low — nothing seemed right!

  2. 4:45 AM. Again, I remain impressed with your ability to wake up early without puking all over yourself…because I’m pretty sure that would be MY body’s way of telling me “get the @$^% back into bed!”

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