Yes but you sleep on Ice

Anyone who knows me knows I get cranky when it gets hot!  I prefer it to be between 65 and 70 degrees (given the choice) and I will run around all day in shorts and a t-shirt.  I have two friends, Trish in GA and Gina in AZ who think I am nuts.  Though they both were born, bred and raised in WA, they both love the warm weather where they are now.

Michelle, who calls herself a lizard just looks at me, shakes her head, and tells me “Yes, but you sleep on Ice!”   She’s actually telling the truth, more than once I’ve spent the night in a tent on a glacier, one giant river of ice!

Denali NP, Talkeetna glacier
Denali NP, Talkeetna glacier

There is a reason I am bringing this up in today’s post.It because I am fully prepared to be extremely grouchy today!  Yes according to all the weather forecasts, Seattle is expected to hit 90 today!  UGH!!!  Yep its a record for this day in September.

So in preparation, I’ve decided to find the pictures that help cool me of the most.  Given my previous hobby of hiking, I have a ton of snow pictures!

But first some clarification.  I live in the Seattle area.  A region of few plows, and we don’t put salt on the roads.  When it snows here, especially a healthy amount (which for us is 3-5 inches (don’t laugh!)) it can last for days or weeks.  People do not know how to drive in snow up here.  So smart people hunker down and let it melt.

So I have no love for city snow.  However I LOVE mountain snow.taking offI am MORE than happy to go up into the mountains to play and hike in the snow, shoot, if the sun is out, I might not even use boots.

imageNo better way to cool down!

Funny thing, even though I like hiking and snow showing and even biking to the snow, I don’t Ski.  Trish took me twice, and it was fun, but haven’t been since then (1987).

My favorite trip ever, was my last time snow showing.  I went up to the Mt Rainier entrance on Highway 410 in Feb 2009.  The road was into the park was still closed due to snow.  I strapped on the snowshoes (I had boots and socks on this time as I was going to be out for a while) and started uphill.

It wasn’t long before I saw the most beautiful ice formations I had ever seen.  The snow would melt during the day, then freeze solid over night.  The most amazing part for me?  I was the only person I saw that day.  That means I may have been the only one to see these exact figures in the world.  The next day would have changed them a bit with the melt and refreeze.  Here’s just a bit of what I saw:



imageThere were times I just sat and looked at the natural art.  Nature is an amazing thing.  Something as simple as water and sun, combined with elevation and cold, pure science, made something unique and amazing!

Someday I will go back up there, but I am almost afraid to.  It will never be the same twice, and who knows if it will even be close to what I’ve seen.

This same road, in June this year, gave me my snow fix on the bike!  Riding to snow level was like natural air conditioning on a hot summer day!


So later today, after my lunch walk, when I feel like I am melting, I will look at this post again, remember the cool breeze off the ice, and HOPE this is our last 90 degree day!



8 thoughts on “Yes but you sleep on Ice

  1. For me, 75 is the perfect weather. But I’ve ALWAYS been colder than everyone else. I am that weirdo carrying around a hoodie in the summer, just in case it gets a little chilly (i.e., under 70).

    You’ve slept on ice? I can’t even comprehend that level of cold. I’m a big wimp when it comes to cold weather. I have yet to ride my bike November – April. I hope I do it this year, rather than just hop on a bus. We’ll see!

  2. I’m with you! We’re going to get in the high 80s in Bellingham today and I started complaining about the heat when I went out to get the paper this morning. Give me an icy day every time!

  3. haha our cold weather is right around the corner!!! i feel your i prefer it 65-70 myself and this week is going to be hot! the one things i hate most=sleeping in heat! ugh how uncomfortable!

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