Not the Best Way to get Ready

So, by the time this posts, I will be at the starting line of the 5th of 5 century rides this year.  Right now, its 10 PM, I have to be up 5, and I am sitting here working on the blog….  There was a time (not that long ago) that  before a century ride (100 miles) I would not ride for a week, go to bed hella early, and worry about it…

I have done a LOT of these rides now, so I am not nearly as stressed before them as I used to be.  This one will be fun.  It’s the Ride around the Sound.  It Starts in West Seattle, goes south to Tacoma, past a lighthouse, over the Narrows Bridge, and on to Port Orchard, then I take the ferry back!

I am thinking it isn’t going to be an overly hard ride.  But even still, I shouldn’t be awake this late the night before it.  But it isn’t my fault! 

Another part of my extra curricular activities is being a member of Tostmasters.  We gather weekely, give speeches to practice speaking in public, and critique each other.  The critiques help us improve.  Last month I signed up for the Humorous Speech and Table Topics (you get asked a surprise question and have to speak for 1 – 2 minutes on it) contests.  I won Table Topics, and no one else competed in humorous, so I ‘won’ that too!

Tonight, when I wanted to come home, get the bike ready, and crash, was the next level, the Area contest.  There were 4 different areas competing, but you only competed within your area.  Meaning the top winner of each area will compete at the next level district.

I got there, and I was the ONLY one from my area.  That meant I didn’t even have to try.  I coulda hummed for 5 minutes on the speech and babbled for one on table topics and I woulda gone to the next level.

I considered it, as I was seriously tired. Hell I considered bagging the whole thing because they were seriously disorganized and running late.  But I am a competitive SOB.  So I went in, and gave both as if I was in a competition.

I ROCKED it.  The humorous speech had them rolling in the aisles.  I am not cocky enough to say I woulda beaten everyone tonight, but I would’ve been in the running.  I swear I received more laughs and the loudest applause at the end.

Table topics, I did OK in, I feel anytime you can let out your inner geek, and use Kobayashi Maru (from Star Trek) correctly, you’ve done well. And since MOST toastmasters are geeks, they got it!

What does all this mean?  I now go on to compete with the 3 other winners from tonight sometime next month.  I will let you know when!

I came home, had a sandwich, and the bike is ready to go!  Sine 5 AM comes early, I am heading for bed!  Wish me luck tomorrow!  I hope to have a LOT of pictures to share!


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