Efficient Valente they Call Me!

I used to tell people that any of the world’s problems could be solved easily if they just assigned it to a college kid, and told him it was due tomorrow!  I remember getting some serious work done the night before the due date and doing some HARD studying on all-nighters!

I say that because I have found another motivator to get things done NOW!

It’s the fact my wife is coming home from 2 weeks away!  Yep, for a little less than 2 weeks, my wife has been in Europe with her friend Cynthia doing a Rick Steve’s tour of southern France and the Basque country.  I will be picking her up at 9 PM tonight at Sea Tac Airport.

I woke up today with STUFF to do!

Dirty laundry placed in the hamper, Check!  (It’s been too easy just to toss it into convenient corners….)

Next,  I was outside cleaning our the gutters.  We are going to have a week of rain, and even though i cleaned them at the end of winter, they were full of crap again.  Luckily its a small house.  45 minutes, and it was done!  Item done!

OK, errand day!

I was at Costco when the doors opened!  I was talking to a lady who was just told she needed hot dogs for 175 people (Meaning her husband told her the night before, and she had to have them at the place within an hour.  She walked up to the line to get in, but she was cut off from the shopping carts (its brutal in the morning.)  I took pity on her, gave her mine, and went long to get another!

In and out of there in 15 minutes!  I then hit Home Depot, AND PCC, as well as the local grocery store in under an hour!  (they call me the wind!)

OK, got home, and emptied the dishwasher, stripped the bed and started the sheets washing.  Then it was back outside to cover the firewood (I have one section that is NOT under cover) with the tarp I bought at the Hardware Store.

Back into the house, and I put all the dishes from the sink into the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen.  Next,  anticipating winter, I cleaned out all the old ash from the wood stove.  It is good to go for the cold weather!

Switched the sheets to the drier.

I had lunch, and was able to sit and chat with Michelle as she was killing time in O’Hare airport!  The wifi wasn’t strong enough for face time, but  we used the message feature on the iPads to chat back and forth.

When she went to check on her flight, I played the Make the Bed game with Mewson (our boy cat)   He likes to be covered up with the sheets, then pop out and chase his tail.  It’s his favorite game!

Now all I have left is a shower and shave for me, and then head south to get her!  Really looking forward to seeing her, its been a long 2 weeks and I missed her!

Shoot I even had time to get a Blog post done!  No wonder they call me Efficient Valente!

3 thoughts on “Efficient Valente they Call Me!

  1. Haha! I loved this post 🙂 I can relate so much. As a recent graduate, I know all too well about “all-nighters.” When Won comes home from Korea, I clean like a madwoman the night before and to me it has to look perfect, so that he doesn’t see how lazy I’ve been the entire time he’s away 😉 I don’t clean at all until the night before. Sounds like your wife went on an awesome trip and I bet you’re glad she’s back 🙂

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