The Challenge for the Rest of the Year.

It happens every year.  Sometimes as early as July, and other times not until September.  But yet yep, each and every year it happens.  Whatever goal (or in the case of this year) goals I set for myself have come and gone.  It’s time to look back and see how I did!

It’s been a successful cycling year!  5 century rides scheduled and completed!

  • May Day metric
  • Reach the Beach
  • Flying Wheels Summer Century
  • Crater Lake Century
  • Round the Sound

Each had its own flavor, highlights and downsides:

The May Day metric took me out to Mt Rainier, great challenging hills, I got to teach a new rider how to follow Dan Henrys and use her gears, and Mt.  Rainier was out in force!  Downside?  30 miles of flat land headwind….. 


Reach the Beach took me to the ocean, a first for me.  Great food, great support, led a 3 person pace line for a fast and hard 50 miles!  Then overnight in Lincoln city.  Perfect!  Downside?  Rained for the first 25 and the last 25 miles!  Sometimes HARD! 


Flying Wheels Summer Century, an old stand by for me, did well as far as time went, and felt strong.  Downside?  Way too much traffic in Carnation, the rest stop on the left side of the road in that traffic, and getting stung by a bee!


Crater Lake Century GROGEOUS views, the most scenic ride I have ever been on, excellent support, fast and fun down hills, courteous drivers on the road.  Downside?  The up-hills kicked my butt, 95 degrees outside, and the back brake seizing, stopping me dead right next to a bog full of hungry mosquitos!


Round the Sound was a good way to end the year.  Close to home, great support stops, I was able to cross the Narrows bridge for the first time, and the sun coming out just as we got on the ferry.  Downside, Fife, not as well marked as it should have been, and aside from the bridge and the last 13 miles, not all that scenic.


I feel good about each of these.  As always, I could’ve trained more for each of them, but I trained enough to not only complete them, but to enjoy most of the ride.  (Except for that hot, shadeless hill in Crater Lake where I considered quitting.)

Add to it other successes.  Most miles in a month, rode to the top of Chinook pass, and replaced the bike that was stolen. 

Now comes the bigger challenge.  With no big rides looming on the horizon, it makes it harder to be motivated to train.  I love riding, but a comfy house, fire in the wood burning stove and gorgeous wife makes it hard sometimes to go out into the cold and damp. 

Add to it, the days of gluttony (the holidays) are just around the corner.  The mighty P is big on food and pot lucks.  So just when riding is LEAST appealing, is when it is needed the most!

To combat this I will still ride home from work as much as possible.  Even though its dark early, there are no cars on the Burke Gilman.  I have the rollers and movies (I picked up the first 3 diehards!) ready to go in the shed for those nights commuting home wasn’t an option.  I will still crank out my 40s at least twice a month (schedules permitting).

I am also going to add climbing stairs back to my Tuesday night ritual.  Switch it up a bit.  I can also join my wife in the workout room downstairs! 

So the new challenge, keep from getting fat, flabby and out of shape before 2014.  Sometime closer to the new year, I will start pondering next year’s challenge(s)

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