The Cusp

Ask people in the United States if they’d like to visit Seattle.  Quite a few of them will tell you, “Hell no!  All it does is rain up there, why would we want to go?”  Many, not all of course, but many of us LOVE that answer.  We like things the way they are up here, laid back, friendly, even peaceful.  We try to avoid tourists.

Because of that, we don’t always correct people when they talk about our rain.  Truth be told, from July 5th, until sometime in September (excluding Labor Day weekend) we are honestly dry as a tater chip!  Blue sky, sunshine, not too overly hot, the perfect place to spend a summer and get outside.

That is until this week.  Today actually.

Something about me you may or may not know.  On days I drive in with my wife, I am at work at least as hour before I have to start.  I get breakfast, surf the web, read my blogs and my kindle, and sip my tea.  It’s a peaceful way to spend an hour, I get to ride in with my wife (which means red light kisses) and if I left later, I would be stuck in traffic.

Thursday morning, looking outside the cafeteria window I saw this:

imageThursday was gorgeous!  in the 70’s, hell almost 80, and a great day for bike ride home.  It was one of those days which makes you think summer will last forever.

Today, on the other hand, looked like this (Thanks to my buddy Stu, I stole this off his Facebook page!)

imageEver hear the saying, red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky in morning, sailor take warning.

I rode to work today, and it was a great ride.  However, the day just FELT different.  It was warm and sunny, but the wind ‘tasted’ like a change was coming.  The sky just looked kinda washed out all day.  Yes we were on the cusp of a change.

While walking at lunch, there just seemed to be more people out and about.  I overheard people saying, “Gotta get out and enjoy today….”

Later, driving home, traffic SUCKED!  it just seemed like everyone was getting out early, trying to get home before… it hit.

Michelle and I went out for dinner to Macaroni Grill.  One of our favorite places.  It was swamped!  The bartenders were flying getting everyone their drinks and food.  We have never seen it so busy.  Almost as if people wanted one more evening out before…. it hit.

What is IT?  It’s the change in the weather, once our long dry spell ends, the rains come back, sometimes for days on end.  In fact, as I sit here, sipping the last of the Dusted Valley BFM , it has started to rain pretty steadily.  We might still get a week or two of sunny and 60s, but we are just as likely to head straight into the steady wet weather we are famous for.

Yep, I firmly believe, those of us that are true north-westerners could feel the change in the air.  We made ourselves get out there for that last shot of vitamin D and the feeling of summer.  Starting tomorrow, most of the people I know will be looking for warm clothes and gortex.  Me?  I will stay in shorts and sandals until I risk frost bite?  Why, cuz I can!

So if anyone says anything, agree it rains up here year round.  But you, followers of the Mountainstroh Blog, now know that is not entirely true.

But, if you visit, get here before the Cusp!


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  1. Weather adds character to a city/region. Sounds like the weather from my home town St.John’s Newfoundland. It s also the weather that gives the locals their character and uniqueness.

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