Location, Location, Location

I had meant to post this a while ago, back when it first happened, but it has been a busy coupla of weeks.   Then today, I stumbled on the pictures I took.  So, after a rainy, but great day hanging with Michelle watching the Seahawks win, its time to share the story.

The Tuesday after Labor Day, was bright sunny and warm.  I had dropped Michelle off at the airport that morning, so I was on my own.  Since the sun had come out, I decided to make a fast ride along the Burke Gilman trail.  The plan was simply to ride the 12 miles to town, come back and make myself something to eat.

On the way home, though I decided I was HUNGRY!

Now just off the trail a quite a few fast food places: McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway…  But none of these struck my fancy.  But then I saw this:



I had forgotten all about it.  Someone got smart, and remembered that many bike riders like beer!

imageAnd we really like it when we can easily access the place with our bikes, and not have to worry about them being stolen.  The 192 Brewing Company is just such a place.

There is a small gate that leads right from the trail to the outside tables.

imageI wheeled in the bike, locked it to the fence, and went inside where I read this

imageIt was my kind of place.  The brewhouse took over part of the outdoor area of an old nursery (at least thats what it looks like to me.)  They have a mismatch of lawn furniture, benches and old stumps to sit on.

imageimageI found a spot in the shade, ordered a beer and looked at the menu.  PERFECT, Meatloaf sandwich with melted cheese and fries.  I ordered, then sat, read the Kindle and watched the bikes roll by.  The food was great!  The service laid back, yet prompt when I was almost try “Why yes I would like another beer!”

Spent an hour there letting the sun go down and just relaxing after a long day at work.  With Michelle just lading in Paris, it was the perfect way to spend my first evening alone.

Of course the second beer made the 4 mile uphill to my house seem a bit longer than normal.  But this place showed up in just the place at just the right time!  It would’ve been a longer climb if I was hungry!

Shoot they even have a small inside area now that it is raining a bit more regularly

imageBut I think I will wait till next spring.  Stopping here will be a great way to celebrate the return of the sun!







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