The Moment

I have commented MANY times since I started this game, that you NEVER know what it is that will inspire a post.  Scary enough, since I began in Mid January of this year, I have posted damn near every day.  I keep thinking, “Sometime I will slow down!”  Or “Sometime I will run out of stuff to write about.” I keep thinking it, but it doesn’t happen.

Now, I am pretty darn sure that the only two people who have read every post I have written are my lovely wife Michelle and Mom!  But I know, that there are a lot of you that read a lot of the posts.  and I just want to say thanks!

I start this post this way, because tonight, after a night out with our friend Kaye, and a long day at work I had no stinkin clue what, or IF I was going to do a post.  but then it happened.

Yep, inspiration hit!  This time it cam from Auburn Liz on Facebook.  She posted this picture.

imageNope this is not photoshoped.  This a tree that is growing with a bike in the middle of it.  I know it’s not shopped, because I have seen this picture since I was a kid, it’s on Vashon Island, a short ferry ride away from me.  There are many versions of how this happened.

  • Someone stole a bike and left it in the woods.
  • A kid parked it in the woods, and forgot where he put it
  • Someone chained the bike to a tree and went off to war, never coming back

And I am sure there are MANY more.  The reason I am posting this?  is between this picture and chatting with old friends on Facebook, something hit me.

Regardless of why he did it, there was a moment when the bike was left there, and the tree kept growing.  There are moments that will make a difference in your life.

Well “Duh” you might say, “Of course there are!”

But do you ever think back on these moments and try to remember the exact ones?

The day I first went to WSU (Never touched a beer, only kissed one girl, not sure if I knew anyone there, AND NOT the most confident cowboy in town). I was given the choice, 1st floor or 6th of Goldsworthy  Hall.  I chose 1st, for no other reason than it seemed easier to move my stuff.

Because of that one moment, I met the Mudsucker, Scott, who would be my roommate for every year after the first one, and my oldest constant friend of 30+ years.  we have been through Hell and back together!  Never woulda even seen the man if I had picked the 6th floor.

Then there was my first Chemistry Lab night.  This GORGEOUS brunette came up to me and said, “You look very intelligent, want to me my lab partner?”  That was Jenna, who helped me through some VERY low times, and was an amazing friend back in college.  We lost each other for a long time, but now we are back, thanks to Facebook, and my wife and I love her!  But, had she not come up to me, NEVER woulda been brave enough!

The vivacious and very cute Teri, who came up to me in Chem the second year, under the hood and said “Wanna get lucky???”  We were almost inseparable through much of the rest of my college career.  I helped her pass Physics, (I made her study) and I like to think I was a small part of her becoming a veterinarian.  We lost each other for years till she called my dad out of the blue asking if he was related to me.  The lady is amazing AND reads this regularly!  Thanks for finding me again Teri!

Dave and Jim, all stemmed  from Scott.  I met Scott and the second year, we moved in with Darsi and “Fat Ass”.  We called him that cuz he was a preppy, smelly pompous ASS! When he asked to live with us again, I got to be the one to say NOPE! (it was a great moment).  And we were lucky enough to find Donna  the next year.

Donna had friends camping out for us to get Huey Lewis tickets (Jim and Dave).  At midnight she decided to walk a mile to hang with them. ‘You can’t walk alone!” says I.  And because of that one moment, I met Jim, Dave, Judy and the rest of the Strohs Bros & Fros.  This changed the rest my college career (I got less than a 3.0 for the first and only time that semester).  My confidence grew, I had more fun, I came out of the shell I was in, and its lasted 30 years.  They are a big part of why I think there is nothing  I can’t do.

And the most recent moment, I looked in Michelle’s eyes, 4 years ago, saw the love, asked her to marry me, and she said YES!

Folks, take a second and think back.  What are some of the specific times in your life that the universe came together and changed your life?  You can’t plan it, it just happens.  It’s all dumb luck, but when it does, friends and neighbors, you will remember that moment for the rest of your lives!  I am lucky that it has happened so many times to me, and I wonder how many more times it will!


6 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. I know exactly what you mean, Tony. In my 40th year I knew that I wanted/needed to do something different. I picked up the daily newspaper, read about a mature age student who had been studying and had topped the state in her chosen subject. After reading her comments I KNEW what I wanted to do. Ultimately my decision that day led to 15 years of study, a PhD, and a broken marriage but it also led to me gaining an understanding of who I was and gave me the confidence to do whatever I wanted in life. I know that woman’s name but she has no idea what she did for me.

    1. That is an incredible story! I am very impressed, and that showed true courage. I am not sure I could do that! I have tried to always do what was right for me as well, while still riding herd on the kidlets. You impress me!

      1. My girls were in their late teens by then and both married by the time the marriage disintegrated. I don’t think I would have done it had they been younger.

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