Elixir of Life!

I am not really a pop drinker.  Or depending on where you come from, a soda drinker.  When I eat lunch or dinner at home, I usually drink water with it.  Breakfast at home, it’s my morning tea.  When eating out, sometimes I will get an orange juice, and almost always coffee with breakfast.  Lunch or dinner, I drink a lot of water.  This does NOT of course include those times wine or beer is called for.

When I am thirsty, I simply don’t think of a sweet, bubbly beverage.  I think water or PowerAde and try to stay very hydrated.  VERY rarely I will have a root beer for a change.  The carbonated beverage industry would go broke if it relied on me.  That is, of course, with one exception. 

Diet Mountain Dew!  The elixir of life!  There are times where I am addicted to it.  So much so that I have one every afternoon.  Not a small can, but the bigger bottle.  I am not sure how I started with the Diet Mountain Dew (DMD).  But i think It was during a huge project (Exceed) and I was having one or more regular Dews a day.  I think the cafeteria ran out of regular, and I was desperate.  I normally HATE diet soda, but beggars can’t be choosers.  I was surprised to take a tentative sip, and find out HEY, this is good!

In fact, it was better than regular!  And I still got my afternoon jolt!  All the buzz and none of the calories!  It became my staple!  Not that I am picky, but I MUCH prefer the bottle over the can

At times, I will go off the juice.  I have gone months without one, but then, a hard day happens, and I can hear it calling me.  “Tonnnnyyyyyyyy     come drrrrriiiiinnnkkk meeeeeee!  You will feel BETTER!

After the 4th day of my 6 in Denali, I must’ve been talking about way to much (cravings you know) during the trip.  We hit a store at the airport when we landed and I popped it right in front of the fridge.  The two marines I met on the trip just looked at me and said “This whole time you’ve been talking about DIET Mountain Dew?  A DMD???”  I ignored them as I polished off the first and grabbed a second!

The best ones, though, bar none, are the ones after a hard ride.  I had one stashed in a cooler in the car at the end of the Highpass Challenge.  It lasted long enough to get me to Safeway for my second one.

Crater Lake Century?  No one carried it!  (Michelle looked!) I was forced to drink a regular out of a can!  (UGH) but it kept me awake enough to have dinner then crashed at the hotel!

And just recently, at the Round the Sound 2 weeks ago.  That ride flat kicked my tail.  On the ferry, there was a vending machine, that not only had the DMD BUT took debit cards!  As you can see, I didn’t mind spending $2.60  for it!


I might still be asleep on the boat if I hadn’t bought it.

I share this to help you understand the difficulty I am going through.  I decided that I have been having it WAY too much.  Both at work, and on weekends.  So I am trying to go cold turkey for a while.  I started Saturday, and as of today, Wednesday, I am doing ok.  But I SWEAR I hear something


2 thoughts on “Elixir of Life!

  1. I don’t drink pop much either, and have never liked any mountain dew product…but, I have the same problem with Flamin’ hot cheetos. Ugh, it’s awful. Sometimes I need to eat like a giant bag a day, for like a week. Then, all of a sudden, they make me sick.

    It’s bee a few years since I’ve had any. I wasn’t a vegetarian yet, and I ate them on a salami sandwich! GROSS, RIGHT?!

    but I’ve been hearing them recently…How long can I fight it?

    1. OK HATE cheetos! but I totally understand. Mine is cheap jelly beans, Not Jelly bellies, but the kind you get at easter I will eat them till my teeth are colored!

      You can only resist for so long…. Good thing we ride!

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