A Spirit of Adventure

I have had an evening with a fast cycle commute home, followed by a run to the store, and then sneaking in a quick mowing of the grass before a large “rain event” starts tomorrow.  So in short, its been busy since work ended.  But it wasn’t mentally busy.  Meaning while doing all of the above, the mind was free to ponder.

A word of warning here, some of my posts after a “pondering” evening have been known to ramble. But I will try to keep it on track….

What was I pondering?  Well as the title says, I was thinking about the phrase “Spirit of Adventure” and how it manifests itself differently in people.

First off, when I think the phrase, I think the classic items, such as Sky Diving


Mountain Climbing

St Helens Summit
St Helens Summit

or River Rafting


All of these I have done, so that must mean to have a spirit of adventure you must have done or want to do all the things I do!  Ok, thanks for reading, post over.

OK, maybe not.  Here’s where my pondering happened.  For some reason, it hit me today, an adventurous spirit doesn’t mean you want to do death-defying feats or test your physical limits.  The spirit manifests itself in each person differently.

Let’s take my buddy Dave..  2 sets of twins and he thinks I am nuts when I do what I do. He is probably boring and plays it safe right?  Nope, aside from being my sky diving partner, and the one who has tried to make me a dirt biker, he has started his own business.  The man left a job he hated, went to school to learn how to be a home inspector.  (Hell he could build a house from scratch.)  He has started, and is doing well with Whiteley Home Inspections (give him a shout if you are in need of an home/pest inspector in the Seattle area.)

I could never do this.  I am a GREAT employee and a leader at my job, but there is no way I could run my own business.  Flat don’t ever want to, but its his spirit of adventure that got him going,

My buddy Jimmy, the oldest of us all.  Successful in business, and basically anything he does.  This man oozes adventure.  He’s a new father, published author, social media consultant (Devitt Consulting) and lover of life.  There is NOTHING this man will not try, and do well in.  His daughter and son have the most amazing role model ever.  They will grow up ready to conquer the world, and probably will!

My buddy Steve.  I tell him about my adventures, and the man just sits there and shakes his head, down deep he wonders “WHY?”  But he is the first to be there to pick me up, congratulate me, and keep me humble!

The man was laid off in his early 60’s.  He coulda given up and let life happen. But this man beat cancer, so there is NO giving up in him.  He rediscovered his love for God, and reinvented himself to work in a school district.  His adventurous spirit is NOT mine. We will never meet on a mountain or in bible study.  But I know his is every bit as strong as mine.  (Now if I could only understand WHY he likes the NY Yankees!)

My mom, she’s a grandma.  Probably a little old lady in a rocker, watching QVC?  OH HELL NO!!  She travels to Disneyland with my kid bro and his family, and walks  all over the park!  Takes my nephews to the beach for hours every single day for a week.  Makes Mandchild and I dinner at least twice a month.  AND keeps my step dad in line!  I only hope to have as much of a spirit when I am her age.

My wife Michelle and our friend Stacy, who have arthritic conditions but will be DAMNED if they let it slow them down.

The Mudsucker.  Three girls in college, a gorgeous wife, and the biggest sports fan ever.  Some of my greatest sports memories, and road trips were courtesy of that man.

Rob, Orville (look it up) born, and moved to China, and is now back in the states, looking for a job to bring his family over for their biggest adventure.

Stu and Katie, who have the best wine cellar, home-made cheese, fresh eggs and warmest hugs anywhere.  Nothing stops those too, they can walk in a room and leave knowing everyone.  No way I could ever do that.

Each of these, and there are so many more I could list, have their own unique spirit.  I don’t have to understand it, and they don’t have to understand mine.  But we all have it nonetheless.

What is it?  Well, I told you I would ramble.  But pure and simple, the spirit of adventure is this:  You see something you want to try or experience, and you do!

Food (Michelle had to almost force me to try sushi, love it now) wine, travel, books (Dave likes chick books, and is NOT afraid to admit it), kids, learning, gardening, blogging, art,  whatever it is you wish to experience or try, you go for it.

The sad part?  There are people with no adventure in their soul.  The complain, never change, whine, bitch, moan, find the worst in things, and never deviate.  It almost seems that if we took the ability to complain away, they’d have nothing and turn to dust.  Worse, these people can suck the energy and life right out of you.

Sometimes you can avoid these, other times you are related to them.  All we can do if we can’t get away, is make sure we have others who can counteract the bad.  Luckily, as I have shown here, I have plenty!

And for those friends of mine out there, in real life and virtually, I am here for you!

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    1. Old bud, you raised me to a new level after just a few years in Pullman, your kids get to grow up with you. The Gavinator and Jovie are going to be people to be reckoned with. Add Meli and her energy and talent? Damn son!

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