Weather Advisory part 2!

Well yesterday I told y’all about a “rain event” that was occurring in the Seattle area.  Turns out, we set a record.  The single wettest September day ever, 1.71 inches at the airport.  Yep, there were some times that there was a serious gully washer going on.  A bit of urban flooding, some flooded basements, but nothing more than we can handle.

It is entirely possible though, that by the time this posts, I will be telling a completely different story.  The weather around her today has been a bit nuts.  My mom, heading over Chinook Pass posted this picture:



Though it’s a bit early, it isn’t unheard of to have snow on Chinook in September.  It really is kinda pretty.  But, this is NOT the weather we are concerned about here today.

We have been issued with a high wind warning for Seattle.

Now, I have to fill you in about weather here.  There are parts of the state that get high winds regularly.  These folks are used to it, and not much really happens.  However, if anywhere in Western WA high winds are predicted STORM WATCH goes off on all the local news channels.  (Same thing happens with snow).  It’s enough to make us not pay attention.

There have been times we have HAD winds in the past:


Since I work for an insurance company (the Mighty P) and I am a part of the emergency storm responders, I have come to understand when to worry.  The the ultimate key, in my completely unscientific opinion, to whether I pay attention or not is 35 mph.  Now most of the time, our “high” winds around here will have winds !5 – 25 with occasional gusts to 35 or 40.  No big deal.  there will be a few power outages, debris in the road, and one dead tree somewhere will hit a house, and choppers will be all over it for the morning news.

This aint that.  Today they are calling for sustained winds up to 35 mph, with gusts to 60.  This is also being called for in Seattle itself (not further north or west as is the norm), and finally, this is not a wind watch, but wind warning.  

CRAP!  A wind watch around here means “We are totally going to hype it on TV, and then tomorrow we will explain why the rain shadow/convergence zone/weather models all were a bit off.  All while showing the one dead fallen tree.

A warning means this shit may have just gotten real.  Add to it we haven’t had a real storm since 2006 (when the whole region was without power for over a week) so we are due.  I don’t think this one will be THAT bad, it was a mother of a storm but there are some things combining to make this an ugly one.

First, it’s still September.  That means all the trees still have leaves (luckily most of our tree are evergreens, , but not all) which means those branches have a better chance to break and fall through roofs and take out the power.

Next we’ve had the rains I’ve told you about.  This means the ground is soaked, so its easier for trees to fall.

Finally, with seven years since the last big one, there are trees primed and ready to fall…

Now the intangible:  Usually I think, “Eh, no big deal..”  this one has me concerned.

But we are ready.  Power goes out first you think light:



All with fresh batteries.  (made a run today just to be sure!

Next, warm:



There is NO way we will be cold.  ]

Finally, last summer, we upgraded from and electric to a gas stove and range.  This means we eat as well!

It could be an interesting night!

Worst case?  We’ll go over to my buddy Stu’s and help him guard the wine cellar!  I’ll let y’all know what happens!

OH, and if I get called into storm duty, there could be serious interruptions in my blog…..

2 thoughts on “Weather Advisory part 2!

  1. I was a little surprised there were still leaves on the trees this morning, the wind howled all night in Ballard.

    It’s crazy to see all that snow at Chinook! I’ve been meaning to head up there one more time before winter arrived in the high country, and it looks like I waited too long. (Well, it looks like it can still be done, but …)

    1. Later pictures from my mom when she was on the way back said there were about 8 inches on the ground. It could easily melt though this early in the season. Wouldn’t mind getting up there myself.

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