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Yep, bikes can speed!

Time and time again, I hear people complain that cyclists do NOT follow the rules of the road.  Some even think we shouldn’t be on the road at all.  People complain that the police don’t enforce the law and turn … Continue reading

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It’s a magic kind of medicine, that no doctor could prescribe

Yep, it’s day two of having Sirius XM radio and having it tuned to Radio Margartaville!  I am a cheap bastard, so there is no way I would pay for this in my own car.  Plus, back home, when I … Continue reading

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What does THIS button do?

When the Mathmajor and Manchild were younger, they were avid cartoon fans, just as I was when i was a kid.  However, instead of Loony Tunes, they had Cartoon Network.  Now some of these made NO sense to me whatsoever.  But others, … Continue reading

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You never know who you are sitting next to!

So today, once again I had to fly to Spokane.  This is the last run for this class, it’s only for 3 days, and I will be home Wednesday night.  Still sucks, I feel MUCH better than I have been, … Continue reading

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Blow the Stink off me!

Every week day for the last 2 weeks, I have been stuck in a small room, with 4 new hires, working to train, entertain and prepare them for this coming Monday when they start earning their keep.  I say entertain, … Continue reading

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Did I Really Just Hear That??

As you all know, I have been in Spokane for the last two weeks teaching a class of new hires for the mighty P.  This has of course meant no bike riding, trying to “on” while having an UGLY cold … Continue reading

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It is good day to die!

I’ve decided to come clean with those of you who read this blog regularly.  I know, over the last year you have come to know me as that suave, debonair, devil-may-care man about town.  Someone that at all guys secretly … Continue reading

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The places I’ve been….

I am currently in the longest “dry” spell in recent memory.  This is my second week in Spokane, working in our field office training 4 new hires.  I love my job and I love teaching, but being away from home … Continue reading

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Mountain Karma

Have you ever had one of those phrases that someone uses that you like so much that you adopt it?  My friends, over the years, have picked up one of ones I’ve coined (though they generally point it at me) … Continue reading

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Book Review: Living Life, Cheating Death, Linda’s Story by Ralph Turner

Folks, pure and simple and straight up front with y’all this is NOT my normal kind book!  There’s no Sci Fi, Zombies, Bikes, Mountains or someone like Dirk Pitt saving the day.  However, My kid sis asked me to read … Continue reading

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