Racking up the Miles: September 2013

September is always an interesting month in Washington state.  Labor day weekend is sure to be wet.  The first few days of school for the kids are usually hotter than hell.  The rains can come back any time, and the grass has an annoying habit of turning green again, and I have to mow.

This year, September was a bit stranger than most.  

It started out great!  Weather was nice, the summer continued, and I was able to get a lot of bike commute miles in, as well as an outdoor dinner!



Part way through the month, even though the days were noticeably shorter, it was still a great time to bike to work.  Who wouldn’t like to bike early in the morning when you can see this.



Then the weather started to change.  My one century of the month, happened to be cold, wet and foggy.      It felt pretty good though on a long hilly ride and going over the Narrows bridge.



But in the last week, the weather has gone to hell in a hand basket!  I am talking serious rain, record-breaking daily totals, and snow in the mountains.




Now lets add to it, we learned today that we ended up with 6.13 inches of rain for the month.  Our normal is 1.5 inches total.  With today being the last day of the month , September went out with a bang.  One of the rarest weather events in Washington State is a tornado.   Every now and then, a funnel cloud will be seen, but I can count on one hand how many times one as touched down.

Today, south of Tacoma, it did.  At the Boeing plant my friend Angie works at.  It was only an EF1, the smallest of all tornadoes, but it knocked over some railroad cars, ripped off part of a roof and damaged some autos in the parking lot.  The big windstorm I discussed yesterday was a bust, but I think mother nature made up for it.

Through all this, I am happy to say I was able to pull out 381 miles.  Not bad for me at all!  The last 22 were in the shed on the rollers, but I pushed it hard.  In the past I’ve let myself slack after the big rides of the year, NOT this year.

October is going to be nip and tuck with the weather and the riding.  Plus I have a class starting at work which could keep me at work late.  But, if all goes as planned, I will ride home every chance I get.  I don’t want to lose out on bike commuting quite yet.

Given the last few days though, I am very interested to see what winter has in store for us!


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