Bikeus Interruptus

Even though it is October, and it’s getting colder, not to mention raining, more often, I am still trying to get on the bike as often as possible.  I’ve gotten lucky in the last couple of weeks, and dodged some serious rain drops.  My goal is to still cycle commute as much as I can over the fall and winter.  On those days I can’t I will ride on the rollers in the shed.

Well that was the plan until work threw a bit of a monkey wrench into it…

 I work in the training department of the Mighty P.  I train new hires that start in the department I am assigned to.  One of the things I like the best about the mighty P (over my previous job at the Holy P) is that I do get to train.  What’s nice is that in most cases, the class won’t interfere with cycling.  I just ride home after class.

That is, until this class rolled around.  By a fluke, we have more people in this new hire class that will be working in Spokane, instead of Seattle.  And go figure, the world does NOT revolve around me!  Which means since its cheaper to fly the other student and I to Spokane, instead of the 3 of them here, class is in Spokane.  Two and a half weeks worth….

I considered for a bit taking the bike.  I shout the idea down pretty quickly for quite a few reasons:

  • I will be flying home every weekend, which means I’d have to box and ship it 5 different times.
  • Each time it was shipped, I’d have to take it apart and put it back.
  • I’d have to stand in LONG lines to check it on the plane.
  • The office is less than 5 miles from the hotel.
  • It will be getting dark too soon after class to explore the city for other places to ride.

This means, no cycling during the week!

I have plan B’s going.  The hotel has a workout room.  So I will be riding the lifecycle after work before dinner.  The places to eat are all at least a mile from the hotel, so I will walk to and from dinner each night for extra exercise.  Plus I will continue to walk at lunch as much as I can. 

So I was a bit whiney about this, since I am trying not to become fat and flabby.  But then I saw this picture.

Yep, its my blogging buddy who writes Fat Guy to Tri Guy  Recently he was on a mountain bike and crashed and burned.  Fracturing, to different degrees, BOTH wrists.  (He DID pedal himself down the mountain after the wreck.)  As he put it “He is strong like bull and smart like ox!”  I think he is simply tough as nails, and like most guys, hates to admit he’s hurt.

So as you can see, he has something that seriously is putting a hitch in his working out.  Compared to that, I got nuthin.  I know exactly when I am back and get back on my schedule.  So its time to suck it up buttercup, hit the workout room hard, and stop whining!  Also, I need to not worry about my monthly miles, its just a number.

And, by the way, he writes one helluva blog, swing by for a visit! Fat Guy to Tri Guy

It also means that I have no idea what or where the blog posts will take me during this time, so tag along and lets see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Bikeus Interruptus

  1. Thanks for the mention Tony. I am so looking forward to getting back to doing some activity. I am going to start walking this weekend and then have a friend set up the bike on a trainer so I can at least think I am moving.

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