Oh Yeah, we COUG’d it!

For those of you outside of Washington, or who have never lived in Washington, the term Coug’d it probably means nothing at all.  To those of us that went to WSU, it is a word that brings the utmost sadness and pain.  It means a football game in which we are doing very well, in fact in the lead, and then self destruct and give it away.

Yes, this weekend my team COUG’d it, and to make matters worse I was there AT the game, with my lovely wife Michelle, in fact we were playing her team!

imageThe game was in Pullman, which, as I pointed out in the last post, is 300 miles away from us.  We took friday off and made the road trip into town, stopping at Ferdinand’s for the best cheese ever made!  Cougar Gold Cheddar!



Here she is with the cheese curds (squeaky cheese!) even the curds are good.



If you ever stumble over Cougar Gold, buy it!  You will NOT regret it.

Since this was Dad’s weekend, and there are only 5 hotels in Pullman and Moscow, Id (8 miles away) (OK maybe there are more than 5) we were forced to stay in Spokane, which is an hours drive away.  Historically, this hasn’t been a problem.  You get up, head down in the morning, watch the game at 1 or 2, and get back to the hotel for a late dinner.

Notice I said historically.  Now a days, they have been doing kickoffs at 7 or 730 PM.  This is of course to be able to televise it.  This is ok when I am in Seattle ( I still think all games should be Saturday afternoon like the old days) , but it SUCKS when I am going to the game.  Getting there is fine, but it won’t end till close to 11, then the one hour drive becomes closer to 2, (2 lane road, WAY too many people driving, some having drunk too much) and we are back at the hotel at 1 AM.  Not to mention it gets COLD over there (10 – 20 degrees colder at night than here)  Michelle does NOT do well in the cold.  So we came up with a plan B!

We’d go early, check out my Cougs, and her Beavs around campus, stay till half-time then sneak out, beat traffic and listen to the game heading back to the hotel.

We had a blast around campus.  Our hero (me!) being the home team was all kindsa cocky!



But folks, I did NOT compare to my gorgeous bride!



Hot enough to be a cheerleader!
Hot enough to be a cheerleader!

At half time, her team was ahead and she was half-frozen, and it was time to go as planned.  We hit the road and made a beeline north.  The game restarted and the COUGS scored twice taking the lead!  It was looking good! Yep I was smiling again!!

Then the fourth quarter hit, it was all tied up, and we were on the move….  Till we weren’t!  Yep, it was dismal, EVERY mistake that could happen did, fumbles, interceptions, penalties and bad plays….  Folks we COUG’d it to the tune of (now remember, it was tied at 24 apiece) 52 – 24!

The good news, we each like each others team, and 364 days a year we root for each other.  These last few years though, my team has let me down against her’s!  But you know I will just as cocky next year!  This year, I owe Michelle a pair of cute boots from Nordstrom….

We did have fun though!  It was a great weekend, and we deserved time away.  Especially since tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am on a flight BACK to Spokane for a week of training new hires!


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