It is Time!

There was once a time I watched TV every night!  Yep, I’d come home from work, sit in front of the TV, watch reruns of 80s sitcoms, or Seinfeld, or That 70s Show, and then keep watching.  American Gladiators was one of my guilty pleasures (I always wanted to shoot the tennis ball canon).  The math major and I watched every episode of the first season Survivor (Luckily, never watched it again afterwards.)

In College, I would head up to Barb and Teri’s every week to watch A-Team and Simon and Simon.  Plus, Thursday nights was great TV.  Cosby Show, Family Ties and Night Court to name a few.  Shoot, if you go back far enough, I watched (sad as I am to admit it) Dukes of Hazzard, BJ and the Bear, Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley.  TV was a big part of my life.

The key here?  WAS.  Now, aside from watching either the Seahawks or COUGS on TV, there is only show I make sure to watch every week when it is new.

YEP!  “The Walking Dead“!  And as I am writing this, there is 1.5 hours till the season 4 premiere.

Many MANY of my friends and family are fans of this show.  But those who are not, and think it is simply “Some stupid zombie show.”  Yes I freely admit that there are zombies, and blood and gore.  I’ve even had one friend say, “All they do is kill zombies, its like watching someone else play a video game!”  (For full disclosure, this friend also reads Nicholas Sparks books…)

Yes, the show revolves around a zombie apocalypse, and yep, they always come up with new ways to take them out (my favorite so far is the tailgate of a station wagon (I own one so it is good to know I have the correct car!)) But anyone who watches from the beginning knows better.  There is so much more to the show.

Dealing with death, survival guilt, survival in general, mental illness, love, hate, betrayal, religion and simple human interaction during an emergency.  Trust, respect, morals, death and birth, all have been themes.

The manchild and I watch each episode at our respective houses, and text the whole time.  We comment on what we think happens next, the surprises and the shocks, and what makes us mad or happy.  Its a fun remote hour with him!

For the longest time we were hoping the Andrea (the blonde) would get eaten she was our most hated character.  Then we were not allowed to see the bite that ended her (I was not pleased).  Then there was the kid, Carl.  One would think the being the only kid, we would feel sorry for him.  “Hell NO!”  The kid drove us nuts, and caused some of our favorite people to be eaten.  If the kid would just do as he’s told!

Surprisingly, he’s matured and we even like him now.  That’s the magic of the show.  You never know who will be the new hero and who you are hoping the zombies will eat!

There are other shows I will watch on Netflix (How I met your mother) or get the season on DVD (Game of Thrones) but nothing beats watching The Walking Dead live!  watch it on Netflix, get caught up and join me!

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  1. There are so many shows that I did not watch when they were popular. Now I find myself watching on Netflix or buying the show box set. One of my favorites was Boston Legal. I loved the quirky story lines. I am about half way through The Sapranos and it is certainly different and enjoyable. Next for me to watch I guess is Breaking Bad.

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