Sometimes you are Just Floored.

Ever get an email or a message that just surprises the heck out of you.  More importantly, one that is complimentary as all hell, from someone you least expect it from?  That happened to me today!


One of my co-workers had found a picture of me on a shared drive at work, from a glass blowing “team building” event from 5 or 6 years ago.  I did NOT look happy, as I hated being there, but it made me giggle and I sent it to my former work wife.


I should probably explain the term work wife to those who may be unfamiliar.  I have a good friend, Angie, that I adopted as a pup fresh out of college when she joined the Mighty P.  She doesn’t know this (and since she doesn’t follow the blog, it is safe to share) I was instrumental in her getting hired.


She had applied for a claims rep (call center) position.  At the time, the company wasn’t keen on hiring people fresh out of college.  I overheard my manager talking to the call center manager about this person, and not being shy, I threw in my 2 cents worth.  Fresh out of college meant she was still in a mode to learn, her aunt worked there who was recommending her, and she went to the University of Idaho, where I went to drink beer in my college days.  I did everything I could to push her getting hired, and it happened. I thought she’d be a perfect fit, and she was!


We hit it off well, and she soon joined me on my lunchtime walks around Seattle.  We hung out enough that rumors started that we were having an affair.  (Nope never did) But since she was 10 years younger, I thought it just showed I had good taste!  She on the other hand, after she heard about these rumors, told me “You are way too old, way too short, way too skinny and way to married for me to EVER consider being more than just friends!”  I laughed about that for days!  She didn’t see the humor.


She quickly moved up through the company, and ended up being my co trainer.  We got along VERY well, and she was never afraid to pick on me as much as possible.  She was like a second kid sister, only meaner!  🙂  She moved on to Boeing after her son was born.  We are still great friends, Michelle loves her to  pieces, and I am lucky to have her.


So, I sent her the picture, and she replied asking if this was a recent trip to go glass blowing again.  I asked her why she would think that, since she knew I hated th first trip, and she replied “Well I couldn’t tell, you never seem to age, so I didn’t know if this was an old or a new picture……”


Wow, I just sat there and sorta stared at the email…  I look in the mirrior, and I see an old fart looking back at me.  Hell Someitmes I see my dad looking back at me…  Michelle tells me I am nuts and I am NOT old, nor do I look it.  But she is my loving wife, and she could be biased.


Angie on the other hand was the one that saw a big zit on my neck, and yelled across the room (No lie, YELLED) “What the hell is that growing on your neck???”  Yep it was the love in the room that keeps me coming back….  But she would NEVER compliment me unless there was some truth.


Maybe, just maybe, I am not as “Old Fartish” as I think.  It could be the bike riding and being in love with my wife has helped….  I may never see it in the mirror, but others might see differently….


OR, she might email back tomorrow and slam me as ususal! Trust me it wouldn’t surprise me.  But I will say, it sure went a long way to make me feel good about myelf today.






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