So you need a “reason” to workout?

We have all heard from the day we could understand what an infomercial is, that exercise is good for us.  We’ve heard the studies that Americans eat more than anyone else in the world.  That we have become fat, lazy and out of shape.  There are drive-thrus  at fast food places, pizzas that are delivered and hell, you can even have someone else do your grocery shopping.  In short, we can eat without ever expending an ounce of energy.

Editors note:  For a college kid, or someone helping someone else move, or with a home improvement project there is no better invention than pizza being delivered!  

We all know we should exercise and be in better shape, but many of us need a better reason than just being healthier.  Ladies and gents, yesterday at the airport I proved to myself yet again, it is good to be a bike rider!

I have been in Spokane, a city 300 miles away from home for the last week.  I am training a group of 4 new employees.  Three that live in Spokane, and one that lives in Seattle, so the 2 of us from the west side (Doug and I) are stuck flying this time.

It’s a small airport, and it has hourly flights to and from Seattle.  Generally, if you get there early, it is easy to hop on an earlier flight.

This time I was in a bit of a lurch.  I have 13 days to get these folks ready to work, and I have 13 days of stuff to teach them.  So if I leave too early, I lose a decent chunk of the day.  So I compromised, and ended class (with homework) early enough to get us to the airport at 3.

Doug and I each had our own rental cars (we got there different days and different hotels) so when we took off, he followed me (his first time going to the airport.) This meant I was first to get checked in at Enterprise.  Once done, I was off!

This is a small airport, but the rental car place and my gate are at the exact opposite ends of the building.  It is about a half mile walk to TSA.  I took off like the wind!  Here is wherer being in shape helps!  I figure running through an airport is bad.  You might get stopped and asked why you are running.  Or you might get chosen for extra attention from TSA.

Walking fast though?  Now THAT is fair game.  The minute I entered the building, I starting moving past people.  First you have the families and beer gutted guys who have just gotten out of cabs and aren’t sure where to go. They are slow, but they take up a lot of space, so speed and skills learned from riding bikes in the city come into play.  You don’t want to run over Timmy towing a Buzz Light Year suitcase or step on the toes of a guy twice your size!  Both can make people angry and slow you down.

Next you have to get past baggage claim.  People getting bags bigger than you are, getting into the middle of the concourse and then not sure where to go.  Faking left and going right, and sudden bursts of acceleration can get you past them!

Editors note 2:  When I am landing in Spokane I have more than once helped people coming from baggage claim and lost.  But when going home, it’s every man for himself!

After baggage claim, you are halfway there, and it is wide open spaces.  Here is where you make up for lost time.  My rollaway’s wheels are humming, the walking shoes are paying for themselves, and I set my sights on the others also trying to get an earlier flight.  I have to force myself NOT to yell “On your left!”

I passed no less than 15 people on my way to the line.  Along the way I shucked everything out of my pockets and into my coat, and had the license and boarding pass out.  By the time I got there, I wasn’t even breathing hard, and I was in front of the pack.

5 minutes through security (yep a small airport) and I slipped on my shoes and was buckling the belt when I got to the gate, only to hear the tell me “You are lucky, you just got the last ticket on the flight that is boarding right now!”  Yep, back home to Michelle over an hour earlier than planned!

So why work out, why be in shape?  Because when you need it, you will have a distinct advantage over all of those who do not!  AND you get your welcome home kisses sooner!

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