Darn it People like us!

I describe myself pretty often using four words:  Antisocial and Cold and Callous.  Anyone who works with me will tell you that I will come up with any reason excuse possible to avoid going out for unit lunches, or drinks after work.  I like most of my co-workers, but I figure being ‘stuck’ with each other for 8 hours a day is enough.  More time with each other is NOT needed.

I also avoid all drama, regardless of the origin, by simply ignoring anyone generating the drama.  It’s pretty darn easy when you get good at it, and alleviates a WHOLE lot of stress!

So given this, on days like today when we are out and about in Woodinville, it amazes me how many people like us! I don’t mean just being nice, I mean they seem to really like us!

We have three wineries we frequent:  Dusted Valley, Alexandra Nicole and Ross Andrew.  Unlike our buddy Stu, we honestly do NOT buy that much wine.  In fact, many times, like today at Dusted Valley, we will show up and just do a wine tasting and not buy anything at all.  Invariably, we will get hugs from the people running the place (Veronica, Michelle or Jill) and they genuinely seem happy to see us.


Alexandra Nicole is ALWAYS packed.  Yet we walk in and I have seen  tasting room people flat ignore other people just to say “Hi” to us and welcome us to the tasting room!  I also firmly believe they give us more wine is out “tastes” than others.

Finally Ross Andrew.  These people spoil us to no end!  First off, we were introduced by Stu.  Who, by far, is their best patron.  But when we show up to taste, we are family!

imageKassidy and Elly take care of us the moment we walk in.  When we are done tasting, they happily offer us a second tasting of anything we’ve had.  More importantly, if they have a secret, rarely opened for tasting, bottle open, we get offered a taste every time.

But even places we are brand new at, somehow we somehow get in good with the those working the tasting rooms.  It could be because we aren’t drunk off our butts.  Or maybe because we are happy to listen to them tell us about the wine and ask questions.  Or maybe its just cuz we are polite.

Whatever the reason, anti social and cold and callous me ALWAYS feels spoiled and special when we go wine tasting.  I am not sure what it is that I have done to deserve this, but I am very appreciative that it happens.

Maybe its Michelle they like, so they just tolerate me!  Either way, it is good to feel important!

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