Book Review: Living Life, Cheating Death, Linda’s Story by Ralph Turner

Folks, pure and simple and straight up front with y’all this is NOT my normal kind book!  There’s no Sci Fi, Zombies, Bikes, Mountains or someone like Dirk Pitt saving the day.  However, My kid sis asked me to read this as it was written by a friend of her’s.  I like to help new authors as two good friends of mine have written books.  So I agreed.

I almost changed my mind though when she warned me it was heavy on the power of the bible and how it can change your life.  I am as far from a religious cowboy as you can get, but I figured “Hey, knowing this, if it could keep my interest till the end, it must be a good book.



I finished it!  This was a well written book, and all true from the mouth of Linda herself.  What a liked is that it wasn’t a long drawn out book.  I have seen these where the story plods on and on, getting into the goriest details trying to drum up sympathy.

Ralph does an excellent job keeping the story moving quickly, yet you don’t feel cheated at all.  You can’t help but want to find Linda, early on to cuff her behind the ears to knock some sense into her and later to help her and take care of her.

I will admit the religious saving part was a bit much for me, but once again, the point wasn’t belabored.   It continued  instead of detracted from the story for me.

I will tell you this is one tough lady, who overcame incredible adversity, and I am amazed at what she has done.  I save 5 star reviews for those books I’d read again, and I doubt I would ever do that with this one.  But it earned 4 stars from me.  If I could get past the religion and still be entertained, it has to be well written.

So if you believe in the power of the bible, or love stories a real life and pulling yourself out of one’s own personal hell, you’ll like this one!

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