It is good day to die!

I’ve decided to come clean with those of you who read this blog regularly.  I know, over the last year you have come to know me as that suave, debonair, devil-may-care man about town.  Someone that at all guys secretly envy, and all women are very envious of Michelle my wife.

It’s easy to understand how this could happen.  My fashion sense, perfect hair, amazing sense of humor, and impeccable table manners, not to mention my skill at writing would cause almost anyone to think this.

But i must confess, I have secret I have kept from you that could shatter that image of me.Yes, I am Star Trek fan….

It all started when I was a kid.  Though I wasn’t old enough to stay up late and watch the original episodes when they first aired, I remember seeing the commercials for it, and wanting to see “Where no man has gone before.”

Later, when they came out in syndication, you would find me sitting in front of our black and white TV (Years later I would see that Spock’s blood really was green!) watching without blinking.  But it didn’t stop there.

I had an entire library of Star Trek books, blueprints, technical manuals, and models that I put together.  I could tell you the difference between Scout ships, Constitution class and Dreadnoughts, as well as their top speeds and armament.

When the first movie came out, I was front row center.  And even though most people hated it (comparing it to Star Wars and saying this was boring in comparison) I loved it!  Classic intellectual Star Trek.  To this day, when I heard about Voyager leaving our solar system recently, I couldn’t help but wonder if V’ger would return….

Even recently, in a toastmasters contest, I was able to use the term Kobayashi Maru very effectively in a speech.

I was ecstatic when the Next Generation happened.  I didn’t think it was possible, but they came up with a Captain that I liked better than Kirk!  This series brought on board new fans, who learned the magic that is Star Trek.  I watched this series as it aired, and for years afterwards.   The fact that we got two more series as spinoffs “Deep Space 9” and “Voyager”  was just gravy.  (I am currently finishing Voyager on Netflix.  It didn’t appeal to me  much when it first aired. but I appreciate it much more now!”

The most recent was “Enterprise”  the series about Earth’s very first Starship by that name, with Captain Archer commanding.  LOVED it, and its unique perspective on our relationship with Vulcans at the beginning of the Federation.

I grew up with the Starship Enterprise, dreaming that someday, we’d be traveling in space.  In my life time, I’ve seen some of our technology (ipads, smart phones, ) exceed that of the Kirk’s ship.  This is why our not having the shuttle bothers me so much.

I am a Star Trek geek.  I can name the aliens, which series they are from, who the captain is, and whether they are friend or foe (or both).  I hope I haven’t damaged your opinion of me TOO terribly much….

Oh, did I mention I have an old school communicator at my desk at work……

8 thoughts on “It is good day to die!

      1. Good. Because all geeks should!

        I did, and it was pretty good, but I have to say that BSG is much more my style. I loved that show!

        Have you heard of Continuum? It’s a show out right now and it’s pretty entertaining.

      2. When BSG first came out I didn’t like it. I was raised on the original which was much less cerebral. I was expecting that and had a hard time initially with Starbuck being a women, in my mid he was a sprit chasing guy.

        A year ago I gave it a second chance on Netflix and devoured it! It is a great show. To this day, when I have a difficult task, I will post “sometimes you have to roll a hard six”.

      3. I didn’t even know there was an original until I started the recent one. In fact, I watched Caprica first and didn’t even know it was a prequel, and that’s why I eventually watched BSG.

        I watched it on Netflix. Binge watched to be exact. I could barely do anything else–I just wanted to watch it all in one sitting!

        I, of course, LOVE that they changed Starbuck to a woman. She was such a kick ass character, and I think we need more kick ass women playing significant roles. That’s why I like current shows like Haven and Continuum so much.

        To its credit, sci-fi tends to be better about this. There are quite a lot of women leads in Sci-fi, and there tend to be more people of color than other genres (think: action flicks). Obviously, every genre must improve, but the Sci-fi shows I watch are ahead of the game!

      4. They picked a perfect Starbuck, make or female. And I agree. It’s a credit to the sci if genre that gender has no bearing on who is kick ass or not. I’ve been reading it since I was knee high, and I think it’s why I’ve never had issues (as others I know have) with female bosses.

        Now incompetent bosses, regardless of gender annoy me to no end!

  1. Tony, would it surprise you that I have not watched one Star Trek or Star Wars movie? That I might have watched only a hand full of the original tv series of Star Trek because where I live I only got one tv channel and that was the only thing that was on so I watched it. I believe I have learned more about both of those shows/movies from watching Big Bang Theory on tv. LOL

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