Did I Really Just Hear That??

As you all know, I have been in Spokane for the last two weeks teaching a class of new hires for the mighty P.  This has of course meant no bike riding, trying to “on” while having an UGLY cold and having my regular healthy eating habits being thrown out the window.  Eating hotel food and going out for lunch and dinner gets old.

Given the location of my office in Spokane, I have been spending some quality time at Subway Sandwich for lunch.  Now, given the fact I am known for eating the same thing every day for lunch (Creature of Habit they call me) this has not been a bad thing.  I like quite a few of their sandwiches, and they have different breads, so I honestly haven’t had the same thing twice.  Since I’ve been there.  And the people are really nice, and very fast.  So this is NOT a complaint about Subway at all.

This post was inspired by a conversation I overheard while having my sandwich made, all revolving around the Tuscan Chicken Melt sandwich.

The Tuscan Chicken Melt is this month’s special at Subway.  I have no idea what is on it, since I am a boring meat and cheese kind of person (though I know they recommend the balsamic vinaigrette and it has chicken).  The only hot sandwiches I like are grilled cheese and french dips.  So things like this I skip.  (Oh and the very occasional meatball sandwich, but those I usually end up wearing)

So there I was, having mayo, spinach and black olives put on my ham and turkey with cheddar on wheat, when I hear a question that stopped me in my tracks.  “Hey I saw the special, the Tuscan chicken melt, who is this Tuscan guy?”

I look over, and it a group of three guys, looking like they have come out to lunch from work, asking the high school aged kid behind the counter.

OK, really?  Maybe I am just being critical here, But when being order a greek salad, or a Chicago style pizza, or a Philly cheese steak, they don’t think it’s from a guy named Greek, Chicago or Phil.  Its named after a place.  And Tuscany is a pretty well-known region of Italy.

So after being asked, I assumed, the kid behind the counter, who has been making this sandwich every day for almost a month, would clear it up for them.  I mean, you’d think there would have been some notes that came out with the “HEY, here is our October special, inspired by the region in Italy, and here is how you make it!” announcement to the front line.  So I listened for the answer.

“I think is the name of the guy in corporate who came up with the recipe.  He probably got a bonus for it!”  “Oh, that makes sense!” was the reply from the guys ordering…..

Really?  That’s the end of it?  I had a quick debate with myself.  Do I tell them?  Or do I let it go…

Normally, I would had chimed in.  I am a trainer,  I like to teach things.  Sadly, this was the day I was hurtin the worst for the cold.  I ended up leaving early, turning my students over to HR for Workplace Harassment training, and went to the hotel for a 2 hour nap, had dinner, and went back to bed.

So at lunch, I flat just did NOT have the energy.  Plus I looked, and there were at least 2 smart phones on the hips of the people having the conversation.  If they were really curious, they could have at least googled it and learned about Tuscany.

Since I am an avid reader, I just assume most people are.  The more you read, the more you learn.  So in a group of 4 mostly adults I would’ve assumed that at least one of them had heard of Tuscany.

I’m no Rhode scholar, and lord knows I have said some dumb things (I screw up lyrics of songs ALL the time!  But that is another post) but sometimes, the things people do NOT know, really concerns me.  But then, that’s why more people watch Wheel-of-fortune than Jeopardy.

My hope, is one of these guys will be out on a date with a new girl, stop at subway for a picnic lunch, and try to impress her with his new ‘knowledge”.

Now if I could just meet the Phil who came up with the Philly cheese steak recipe…..


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