Blow the Stink off me!

Every week day for the last 2 weeks, I have been stuck in a small room, with 4 new hires, working to train, entertain and prepare them for this coming Monday when they start earning their keep.  I say entertain, because NO ONE learns when they are bored, and I pride myself in making classes fun.  However, this takes work, especially when you are sick.  I work up a serious sweat up there.

Then 6 times in the last 3 weeks  I have been stuck in a Horizon Air propeller driven plane, with no empty seats, flying back and forth from Seattle to Spokane.  (Once though, I was lucky enough to fly on the WSU Cougar plane!)


Now rest assured, I showered every day.  In fact, I showered longer as it made my lungs feel better.  But truthfully, I knew there was an indoor funk hanging on me, that only I could smell.  There is only one way to fix this.

It’s to get on the bike and ride hard enough to blow the stink off ya!  I finally got the chance today!  Michelle and I got up and went out to breakfast.  DAMN it was good.  I had a killer ham and cheese omelet, and it held me almost all day.

We then ran errands, hitting the mall, and Michael’s (a craft store).  Now Michael’s is a great store, and has something for any and all crafts you can think of.  Michelle needed a new glue gun for something she is going to make.  We found what we needed, no problem and all.  But as soon as we got to check out, we remembered why we hate going there.

It never fails.  There is always some lady (guys never shop there alone) in front that is complaining about how much something rang up for, or she forgot to use her coupon, or she’s changed her mind….   Something happens that requires calling a manager.  I am pretty darn sure a prerequisite to be a manager there is to be one of the slowest (both in walking and making a decision) humans on Earth.

Eventually, just like the tide coming in, or a glacier moving down a mountain, we got through the line and made it home!

I then asked if Michelle minded if I rode.  Nope not at all!

Editor’s Note:  I don’t have to ask Michelle’s permission to ride.  However, I have been gone for a week, and I have to leave about 2 to get to the airport on time tomorrow.  We don’t have much time together, and I was asking to shorten it by a couple more hours.  Seemed only fair I asked instead told her I was leaving.

I threw the bike on the back of the car and drove down to the Burke Gilman Trail.  I wanted to minimize the time away, so driving to the trail meant I eliminated the 4 mile uphill slog home.  I hit the trail and pushed it!  DAMN it felt good to be on 2 wheels again.  It was only 50 degrees outside, it was windy and it might have been one of the best rides of the year.

I pointed my nose east, toward Woodinville, and let my legs decide how fast to go.  They decided they wanted to go at a decent clip, and I averaged over 16 mph for 11 miles.  This was not a ride to Woodinville, sip wine, and ride back run.  I was trying to get there and back as soon as possible (while working hard NOT to slip on the wet leaves and loose gravel at trail repair places.)

It was nice.  No kids, no dogs, just a few diehard riders and I.  I hit the turn around, and on the way back, the wind kicked up!  Yep, you got it a headwind.  Slowed me down something fierce, but I still had my stupid bike smile going!

Happy rider!
Happy rider!

Shoot the wind just meant more stink was blowing off!  I ended after 1.5 hours, 22 miles, no bugs in my teeth, no crashes and, even though sweaty, smelling MUCH better. Damn I needed that!

Thanks for giving up the extra time with me babe!  I love you Michelle!

Now time to help her roll 3 more skeins of yarn! (Yep we party hard on Saturday nights, but we have fun together!)

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