You never know who you are sitting next to!

So today, once again I had to fly to Spokane.  This is the last run for this class, it’s only for 3 days, and I will be home Wednesday night.  Still sucks, I feel MUCH better than I have been, almost healthy.  But Michelle is still a hurtin camper and I never like being gone when she feels bad.

Add to it, Sunday, the day I flew out, is also the night for Walking dead.  Last week, I chose a hotel that had the AMC network, but the morning breakfasts sucked.  I survived, but I just couldn’t do that to myself again.  (For the Record stay away from the Holiday Inn Express in Spokane Valley.) This time, I decided I would choose the Oxford Suites, a MUCH nicer place, and less expensive, and I would just skip the Walking Dead for the first time since it started 4 years ago.  I was less than happy, but I would catch up on On-Demand. imageThe decision didn’t make me happy, but I didn’t have another plan.  That is until I sat next to an older lady on the plane. Now I never talk to people when I fly.  I have my book, and I try to just tune out the world. It makes the flight go faster.  So I didn’t pay much attention to the grandma looking lady sitting next to me. However, when we landed, she grabbed her phone and called someone.  I overheard her say “Make sure you are there when I come out of the gate!  I want to get home in time for he 6 oclock showing of the walking dead!” (We landed at 5, and some cable providers give you the option of watching the east coast showing 9 eastern, 6 Pacific time.)

Now no way I woulda figured her for a walking dead fan!  I woulda thought reruns of Lawrence Welk!  Well after hearing that, I introduced myself as a fellow fan, and told her my tale of woe.  No watching it for me tonight!  She said, “Well, my grandsons have told me about this bar in town something called “The Wave” that show’s it every Sunday.”  She had never been, but they loved it!

Well a quick Google search took me to The Wave Island Sports Bar and Grill.  Sure enough, I gave them a call and they had it on every Sunday, PLUS  they were 15 minutes away!  I was off!  I expected to be sitting at a bar and competing with Sunday night football and World Series.  Oh HELL no!

These people do it right!  Comfy leather chairs and couches, private rooms off the main area, decent sized TVs and GREAT service!  Shoot, If I I’da known about this place, I would’ve stayed in style last week!

I had a great meal, Pot Stickers, Chicken wrap, Fries and Rogue Dead Guy Ale.  Had a room to myself, and enjoyed the hell out of it!  Top it off, it was a pretty damn good episode as well!  I may have to find a place like this back home!

And who knows, maybe I will start talking to the person next to me on a plane!

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