It’s a magic kind of medicine, that no doctor could prescribe

Yep, it’s day two of having Sirius XM radio and having it tuned to Radio Margartaville!  I am a cheap bastard, so there is no way I would pay for this in my own car.  Plus, back home, when I commute by car, I am listening for traffic reports and alternate routes.  (Seattle traffic sucks).  When I ride the bike, I have no radio.  So in essence it would be a waste of money.

However, the worst Spokane traffic I’ve seen, would have been a GREAT Seattle commute day, and the radio is free, so why not enjoy it! Today, as soon as started the car, Jimmy Buffett was singing “One Particular Harbor”, which contains lyrics that are the title of this post.

The stupid smile was plastered on my face again!  Just like at the concert!


Now contrary to what you might think at first the man is NOT singing about an illegal substance.  Or even one that is now legal in Washington State (recreational Marijuana).  He is referring to that place you go that has healing properties.  Where all stress from the outside is gone, where you feel at peace and happy.

Last October, Jimmy came to Seattle.  Sadly, Dave and Scott weren’t able to go.  I grabbed two tickets for Michelle and I, and eagerly awaited the day.  On the day, Michelle was under the weather (and she was ONLY going because I’ve gone to Dave Matthews with her.  Neither of us are huge fans of the other’s favorite, but we like each other (She has her own lyrics to Cheese Burger in Paradise))  I told her to just rest,  She was worried about me being alone at a concert and sad.  “Girl!  I am there with thousands of my best friends!”   No worries!

A co-worker, Debbie (long red hair below) needed a ride to Seattle for the concert.  To pay me back, she invited me along to meet her firends for a prefunction at a local bar.


Soon, I was best friends with the whole room.  And I enjoyed the concert completely!

The first song he sung was “One Particular Harbor” and as soon as he started, a warm feeling of contentment washed over me.  I was where I was supposed to be!

So when it played this morning, the feeling, though less intense came back, and I started thinking about where My harbor is, the one that provides the meds no doc can give.  Where am I happy and no stress can touch me,

The first is lazy, cold Sunday mornings, when Michelle and I snug up in bed and ignore the world.  This can go on for over an hour.  This is a great way to spend a day! (Shoot, we call our home Swirzerland sometimes, the whole thing is our safe harbor)

Anytime I am in the mountains.  I can let my mind wander, enjoy the sites, breathe in the air, and listen to the sounds.  It clears the head and makes me at peace in the world image

Used book stores.  Even though I almost exclusively read ebooks on the Kindle or iPad now.  I love walking through a dark, cluttered used book store, especially on the coast.  It’s just quiet and cozy.

Speaking of the coast, being at the ocean and watching waves crash and spray on big rocks.  No one can be grouchy, stressed or sad with this happening.

Michelle captured the best wave picture!
Michelle captured the best wave picture!

Finally, on a long downhill, going fast on the bike!  All pain is forgotten and I belt out songs at the top of my lungs.  When all you have to do is not crash, then nothing else can touch or bother you.

Rarely, though it has happened, a good book can be the escape as well.

There is one other line that resonates a lot: “I know I don’t get there often enough
But God knows I surely try

If we are lucky, we all know a place that gives us the medicine we need.  However, the day-to-day stuff gets in the way and takes priority.  We get stressed, mad, sad, etc.  I think we all just need to get to our harbors more often.  And when we are there, stay as long as we can.  This lets us come back fully charged and ready to face our trials and tribulations.  It’s better for us than anything else I can thing of, and there should be a way to prescribe it!

I will leave you with one last Buffett line: “What if the Hokey Pokey IS really what it’s all about?” 



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  1. Great post, as soon as I saw the headline, I knew where it was from. One of my favorite songs in the world, One Particular Harbor.

    I’ll throw in one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett lines …
    “Growing older, not up. My metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck … I’d rather die while I’m living than live when I’m dead.”

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