What’s most important in life…

Its funny how things will pop into your head sometimes.  Memories, news stories, quotes from movies.  At any given time any of these can cause you to stop what you are thinking or doing, and just sit there and ponder for bit.  This happened to me this evening.

Today was the Apple Cup.  the single biggest game of the year for any WSU Coug.  And pure and simple, we COUG’d it.  We dominated the first half, and gave the game away.  Tomorrow I will wear my colors proudly, because that is what I do, but inside, I am not a happy man.  And Monday the Husky fans will come from far and wide to rub it in…

But, for some reason I started thinking, what is most important in life…  And being me, my mind went straight to the 1980s version of Conan the Barbarian… Continue reading “What’s most important in life…”

Pizza and Paper Plates!

I know this will come as a shock to all of those who know me and to most of you who read this blog.  But I feel its time I make a confession.  Yes, it is true, I like to pick on people.  Michelle and I refer to it as poking the bear.  Why do I do this?  Well, because it’s fun.

Last weekend Mathmajor and his girlfriend spent the night with us.  They were in town for a Rave (yeah still not sure what a rave is, but they were here).  She was very sweet, and polite and thanked me for letting them stay with us.  I just looked at her, deadpan, and said “Wait!  What?  You are staying here too?  He only said he wanted to stay he never mentioned you!” Behind her I could see Mathmajor smiling and shaking his head.

She just froze, and then “Well I could just drive to Tacoma afterwards, its not THAT far (40 miles from here) really its ok….”  I lost it and giggled, Michelle kicked me, and all was good.  Now picking on her was ok for just a bit, afterwards, it would be like kicking a puppy.  I was very nice to her after that.

However, those that know me, and have for a while, get picked on MUCH more!

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Make it work people!

As you may expect, I follow quite a few blogs that have to do with cycling.  Since this blog started as a site devoted to riding a bike, naturally I sought out others with the same interests.  Many a site has said the correct number of bikes person should own is between N + 1 (1 more than you have now) and
D – 1 (one less than will result in a divorce!).  Many people have road bikes, mountain bikes, wet bikes (the ones they use in the rain) and many MANY other types.

I on the other hand have a different theory.  I run under the assumption that I have only one butt, so I can only ride one at a time.  I am also a cheap SOB and hate to spend money on myself.   Finally, we have a small house with a small shed.  This means I have one bike.

This means its my commuter, touring, errand, training, and fun ride bike. 

When the weather gets icy around here though, it means I have to get creative.  Continue reading “Make it work people!”

The Proudest Hubby Ever!

I first published this in September.  But I have gotten a number of new followers since then.  The run is right around the corner, so I thought I’d republish!  If you already donated, THANK YOU!  But if anyone has the urge to toss a few bucks for a good cause, it would be appreciated.  Michelle continues to impress me EVERY day,  Love you Babe!

My gorgeous wife Michelle gets mentioned a lot in this Blog, it’s because, except when I am on the bike, we are pretty much attached at the hip!  The good news is it’s because we like it that way.  We make each other smile and laugh, cheer each other up when we are down.  Support each other in our endeavors, and reassure each other when we doubt ourselves.

And yep, every chance a get I sneak peaks and check her out!  She is 6 weeks older than I am (yep I married an older woman) but she looks 10 years younger than me.  She is also an excellent mum to our kids (they love her), a great daughter, a loving auntie, and an excellent friend.  The woman really is amazing.

Any one of these would be enough for me to be proud of her.  But today, she topped them all. Continue reading “The Proudest Hubby Ever!”

A Thanksgiving Adventure!

Here we are, the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s that week when people all over the US start planning a huge dinner, or preparing to travel.  On Facebook people are giving daily “I am thankful for…” messages, and the media is already warning everyone about travel problems at the airports and weather issues that will throw a monkey wrench into the works for a number of people.  (Shoot its warmer in Seattle today than it is in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, I am being obnoxious this week, as the rivalry game between the Cougs and Dawgs is this Friday!  GO COUGS!

Michelle and I have a VERY low-key holiday planned.  We are gathering up all the fixins for breakfast (she is also making coffee cake!!  YUM), and taking it to her mom’s.  On the way, we will stop at Starbucks, get mom a decaf mocha, make her breakfast, and just hang out for the morning.  Then, afterwards, Michelle and I will head home, watch DVD’s and eat homemade pizza!  

Every Thanksgiving with Michelle is always my favorite one.

But there is one that I love to tell people about that dates back before we together for every holiday!  Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Adventure!”

Why can’t they use helicopters!

Folks, I’ll warn you right up front, I am going to be complaining in this post.  I do every time this happens, and I probably always will.

We got word (the first inkling was from my buddy Matt on Facebook!  He likes plans and posted a notification of airspace closing) that this was going to happen today.  The radio confirmed it, and the Manchild and I made the call to head south early.  Yep traffic was going to suck something fierce!  And if  we didn’t get out, we might never get him home!

What is it I am talking about?  Well its this:  The president was coming to town today!

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A bit too much Anise for my taste…

Michelle has worked hard over the years to raise my palate from the level of Cella Lambrusco to real wine.  We love going to Woodinville and going wine tasting.  And this year we traveled to the Mecca of wine in Washington State, Walla Walla!

Sharing Wine with my gorgeous wife at Dusted Valley our favorite winery!
Sharing Wine with my gorgeous wife at Dusted Valley our favorite winery!

We enjoy many different wines, all reds of course (white wines is for amateurs we say).  Dusted Valley, Ross Andrew, Otis Kenyon, William Church, and Alexandra Nicole to name a few.

However, being Seattle, we have many likes and dislikes.  We are the home of Starbucks (Love them!) But it has become very trendy to say “Oh I never go there! I prefer whosits coffee.”  Michelle and I heard that just today!

So wine, coffee, what else could there be to sample around here.  How bout root beer!

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