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What’s most important in life…

Its funny how things will pop into your head sometimes.  Memories, news stories, quotes from movies.  At any given time any of these can cause you to stop what you are thinking or doing, and just sit there and ponder … Continue reading

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Pizza and Paper Plates!

I know this will come as a shock to all of those who know me and to most of you who read this blog.  But I feel its time I make a confession.  Yes, it is true, I like to … Continue reading

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Make it work people!

As you may expect, I follow quite a few blogs that have to do with cycling.  Since this blog started as a site devoted to riding a bike, naturally I sought out others with the same interests.  Many a site has … Continue reading

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The Proudest Hubby Ever!

I first published this in September.  But I have gotten a number of new followers since then.  The run is right around the corner, so I thought I’d republish!  If you already donated, THANK YOU!  But if anyone has the … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Adventure!

Here we are, the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s that week when people all over the US start planning a huge dinner, or preparing to travel.  On Facebook people are giving daily “I am thankful for…” messages, and the media is … Continue reading

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Why can’t they use helicopters!

Folks, I’ll warn you right up front, I am going to be complaining in this post.  I do every time this happens, and I probably always will. We got word (the first inkling was from my buddy Matt on Facebook! … Continue reading

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A bit too much Anise for my taste…

Michelle has worked hard over the years to raise my palate from the level of Cella Lambrusco to real wine.  We love going to Woodinville and going wine tasting.  And this year we traveled to the Mecca of wine in … Continue reading

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Nuthin Stops Her

Folks I have a bad habit.  OK, to be truthful, I am sure I have a LOT more than just one bad habit.  But this habit I am discussing involves working out.  When I find something I like, say cycling, … Continue reading

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Stupid Human Tricks

I am not sure why this popped into my head.  From time to time things just do that!   Today was one of those days. I am wondering how many people have a skill or talent that others just think, well, … Continue reading

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The WORST Car Commute Ever

Well here we are, the week before Thanksgiving.  I’ve been telling a lot of stories about WSU lately, but I thought it was time to talk about something different.  it’s turned butt biting cold here all of a sudden.  Tonight … Continue reading

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