Racking up the miles: October 2013

I am not really sure this month deserves the title above title.  Why?  Because 5 times this year, at least, I’ve ridden more miles in a day than I did in all of October….

Yep! That’s correct.  This month I barely hit triple digits[.  I would be willing to guess this may have been the lowest total in the 5 years I have been cycling.  In October, these legs put down a paltry 103 miles overall.

Anyone who knows me would know that normally I’d be beyond mad!

However, this time I’m really not.  If the reason for the low total had been pure laziness, then yes I would be.  If the reason had been bad weather and I simply decided not to ride in the shed, then yep I’da been torqued!

However, this time, there were legit reasons.  I got stuck out-of-town for the better part of 3 weeks.  Work will do that to you, and I simply lost 13 work days that normally I could’ve ridden at least one way to or from work,

Then, on the weekends I was home, I was only here from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  Less than 48 hours.  Saddling up would have taken me away from my wife for an even longer period of time.  I chose to stay off 2 wheels and stay with her instead.

Then add to it, I caught the worst cold or crud I’ve had in years.  Teaching in front of people, and keeping them entertained when you feel like crap is NOT easy.  I’d go so far as to say it is pretty damn hard.  I’d get back to the hotel, and even the thought if hitting the workout room was enough to wear me out.

And finally, I was lucky enough to spend a weekend, early in the month, away with my wife in Pullman.  We deserved the time away.

So all in all, I was lucky to pull out the miles I did! When this posts, a new month will have hit!  November is known as the worst weather month of all for Seattle, but that just means some quality time on the rollers watching good movies!

I will do my best to redeem myself next month!

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