Tony!! You are wearing flip flops!!

I picked one helluva a day to get back on track.  When we woke up Saturday morning, the wind was howling out of the south.  The weather dudes and dudettes had predicted this was coming.  So I put on a pair of shorts and slipped on the Kino Sandals from Key West and jetted off for the morning Starbucks run.  Shoot it was 50 deg outside, balmy for November in Seattle!

As we walked in, Trish, the barista, yelled from across the room “Tony!!  You are wearing flip-flops!”  YEP!  I wear sandals year round!


The good news?  the power had blinked at Starbucks, and the computers were slow to reset. Free drink and chonga bagel today!  YAY!!  The bad news, today was the day I’d picked for getting back on track with riding the bike…

Stormageddon hit today!  All morning long, the winds have been NUTS!  Branches down, trees toppled over.  My neighbor pulled me over to show me a huge branch that fell and snapped in his yard.  Somehow it missed the wires and the car.  He seemed pretty pleased though that he’d get to play with his chain saws to clean it all up.

They even closed the 520 floating bridge!  As you can see it floats right on the water.

520 Construction
520 Construction

This means when the wind get’s bad enough it can get like this


That’s not rain thats waves crashing over the bridge.  This one is old and in need of replacement (in fact they are working on it.  So when the wind his 45 for too long, they close it down and open it to relieve the pressure (its a drawbridge).  People abandoned their cars and walked off the bridge….

Shoot even wineries had to shut down due to power failures….  That NEVER happens….

The wind blew until high noon! Then suddenly it stopped.  I stated thinking hmmmm, maybe I could sneak in a ride outside, crank out a hard fast 20…  But then, the second punch hit.  The skies opened up!


It’s now been raining for over an hour! with no let up in sight.  OK outside ride is out.  I’ve ridden in the rain, but with all the branches and new leaves down, I am thinking combining torrential rain would NOT be fun and would honestly be asking for a an epic crash.

So, now that I have had lunch, and let it settle, run errands, taken the Manchild to his video game tournament (power stayed on and the perfect day to be inside playing video games!) and I have finished  blogging for today, its time to head out to the shed for some quality time on the trainer while watching a movie!

With the beginning of November comes the beginning of the holiday season.  More food than you can shake a stick at will start appearing at work.  If I am going to stay ahead of this and NOT let the holidays make me fatter, it has to start with the first ride, inside or out.  Today is ride one!

Totally un related, but I I read this on a friends blog today TiareFitness and I liked it a lot (visit her, she is pretty damn inspiring) so I thought I would end with it.

“When we think of failure; failure will be ours. If we remain undecided nothing will ever change. All we need to do is want to achieve something great and then simply to do it. Never think of failure, for what we think, will come about” Maharashi Mahesh

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