Once Again I am Sure I Got the Message Backwards

I love it when my friends and family come through, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes inadvertently, with a great idea for a blog post.  There are times I will sit and look at the screen for quite a while, before anything happens.  Those nights, 10000 miles is work.  However, tonight, thanks to a great friend from college, Judy, I knew right away what I would be posting!

This morning, on he Facebook feed, she posted this picture:

imageProblem is, as usual, my interpretation of the message is much different from what I assume is the rest of the worldsI look at this, and think “Who plans for a bike ride that is so incredibly boring.  Given the choice (unless I was just going to the grocery store for a forgotten ingredient) I would pick the second route in a heartbeat!

Shoot, in a way I did that today.  Instead of riding along the Burke Gilman trail for an easy 20 miles or so, I took another route.  Plenty of hills, some steep, some long, some both.  It was a gorgeous day, and time to give the legs a work out!  Plus, the day after a storm, it gave me a chance to see all the damage.  It was an interesting ride.

Ok, OK, I hear what you are saying “Hey dumbass!  This isn’t referring to one ride, it’s referring to life in general!”

Well, rest assured, I got that part of the message.  But I still vote for option 2.  The first guy looks like he wants to live his life as easy as possible.  No challenges, adventures, or for that matter, no memories.  This is a guy who gets up, goes to work, comes home, eats dinner and goes to bed.  He might read a book, but it’s probably the history of basket weaving.  My gawd, this seems like a boring existence.  Shoot he may pass away from complete boredom.

However, choosing the second path, now there is where the fun is!  Challenges mean memories.  Either triumphs or your best shot.  It also means the next time you will do better.  Danger means excitement and adrenaline.  Going out in a thunderstorm, braving a flood, snowshoeing through a town shut down by a big storm.   I love getting the heart beat up on things like that.

Taking the hard way instead of the easy way (even if it’s just cycling home instead of driving, or stairs instead of the elevator.  Getting that feeling of accomplishing a goal.  Makes it all worth while.

I fully admit, there are things I wish I had done.  Bu more often than not, I have gone for it!

I look at it this way.  Sooner or later we all end up passing on either to Valhalla, heaven, or just to worm food (whatever your belief).  There at the end, we will have a chance to think back on all we have done.  Do you really want to be the guy in the first picture?  I don’t want to be bored to teas if my life passes before my eyes!

One of my favorite lines from Bon Jovi

I don’t want to live forever!  I just want to live while I’m alive.  Its my life!”

So take a look at things.  Is there a challenge calling you?  Have you ever decided “What the hell!” and went for it?  Do you always play it safe?

Sometime WAAAAY down the road, either Manchild or Mathmajor will have kids.  I want to be able to regale them with accomplishments I am proud of!  They may say “Grandpa, no more stories!”  But I hope I never hear “You ALWAYS tell that one, don’t you have any others??”

So yep, this picture tells me that so far, I have chosen correctly!  Thanks Judy for posting it!

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