The Very First Cup of Coffee

Do any of you remember the day you first had coffee?  Scary enough I do!  I hadn’t thought about it for years, but then I read a tweet today from a student at WSU.  Suggesting that the Starbucks on campus start a mug club, much like the local tavern The Coug does!

I had to reply that back in the day (Ok the 80s) the Bookie (our student bookstore and the location of the on campus Starbucks) had a coffee club mug.  I could fill my cup at home, walk to campus, and refill for 10 cents (no typo there, a dime (or in my case, more often 10 scraped together pennies)), then hit my first class.  I kept that mug for years, but sadly it is gone now, but this is a great replacement!


But this was LONG after my first cup.


One night, the immortal one, Pete, and I had to study for a pre-calculus final the next day.  It was one of those classes where the grade on your final was the grade you received for the class.  He and I both needed to improve what we currently had.  it was time for an All Nighter! 

This was my second year at WSU, and somehow I had gone the entire first year without ever touching this magic elixir of life.  Since we knew we had to pull out all the stops, we decided to use my roommate’s Mr. Coffee to brew a pot.  Now there was a problem, neither of us had a stinkin clue HOW to make coffee. 

We had the filters and figured out where to put that.  We knew where to add the water and we found the scoop in the Folgers can.  But Darsi (my roommate) wasn’t around to ask how many scoops we should use.  Well, being math people, we surmised that if the pot held 10 cups, then naturally, it would need 10 scoops!  So 10 it was! 

The stuff that came out of that pot was black as tar, and bitter as hell.  So the first cups we doctored up with milk and sugar.  By the end of the pot we were drinking it straight! (and I have ever since!)  Now Pete and I were high energy people normally.  But add 2 pots of coffee to us (one just wasn’t enough).  We were wired beyond belief. 

At one point and time, Kristina called, and when the phone went off you’da thought we looked like this! 


Well, since we were up and studying, I hopped on the moped and buzzed over to get her to join the party.  By then, the immortal one and I were out of control.  Buzzing, jittery, and wide-eyed.  Funny, I distinctly remember going to get her, and her being there.  I also remember that she told me Pete was scaring her, but I honestly do NOT remember if I took her home…  Yep, I am pretty sure I burned out some serious brain cells that night!

At the test the next day, I raised my grade to an A!  The elixir had magical properties!  Sadly, Pete didn’t fare as well.  I think he had MORE than I did, so possibly he fired more of his brain…   From that day on though, I was hooked. 

I have no palate; all I require is that it be strong.  My favorite is still the overcooked 7-11 coffee that you get at midnight.  I got some of that during a late night drive home from Idaho with Manchild, and I was WIDE awake!

There have been times I have given it up for a while.  Hell, once for 5 years.  But then, there’s always something that comes up, driving home after a hard climb or bike ride, a project that is killing you, or in my line a work, a big windstorm that makes long hours a requirement!  Regardless of the reason, the first day having coffee, after a long hiatus, gives me the most fantastic buzz I could ever ask for!

I do try to limit myself now.  Too much means I end up wanting a nap when I get home, getting old bites, but I will always remember the first cup!

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