Reason #245 to Bike Commute

This has NOT been my most fun week at work.  By Monday afternoon I was saying “This has been a LONG week!”  It’s not anything terrible, but its one of those weeks where everything needs to be done NOW!  Or when its done, you hear, “It’s ok, but we’d REALLY like it to say….”  UGH!

Add to it, a file I’ve been working on for weeks (I’m a corporate trainer and I am developing an eLearn) went POOF!! Gonzo, out of here.  See ya!  No one has any idea where it went.  No worries!  It’s on a shared drive, we can restore it!  This morning I come in, the folder is back, I click on it, and…. it’s empty….  Lord, time to rebuild!

Then, also today, a job aid had to be completely revamped, um NOW.  They know me well, and threw in the line “We you are a miracle worker aren’t you??”  So YEP “Get er done” Valente, Got er done!

So, at the end of each day this week, I’ve been mentally fried.  But, I also had thrown the bike on the back of Michelle’s car.  So I got to cycle home.  There is NO better way to get rid of stress! 

First off, I could easily drive home, be there in under 30 minutes, and then work out.  Of course, that means dealing with traffic, smelling fumes, and in all honesty NOT having a lot of fun. Then getting home, I’d have to dodge all the traps (comfy chair, good food, great kisses) and force myself to change and go workout.

It’s so much easier to say “OH! I have a blog post to do!” and pop a beer…

But when I cycle home, it’s a whole nother story!  Just shucking out of the work clothes and into the bike clothes puts me in a better mood!


Then getting outside and taking the deep breath, you can feel the stress, START to loosen its hold.

In a car, its easy to stay mad or worried about work, the car is doing the driving.  Yes I know I am supposed to pay attention, but when you drive the same route every day…

This time a year though, I have to pay attention on a bike.  Puddles, mud, slippery leaves, are just some of the obstacles to beware of.  Watching out for those things, soon you forget what is bugging you.

Then, there is always riding harder when stressed.  You can only drive so fast at rush hour,  those annoying state troopers get cross when you drive as fast as you can.  On a bike, though, high stress days lead to high-speed rides.  And when I go fast on the bike, I quickly get into a good mood!

Shoot, even getting drenched a couple of days ago, didn’t keep me from being far less stressed and unhappy!

One other benefit (really do you need another?  Ok here it is) after an hour and a half of a good fun ride, I can indulge myself in the comfy chair, good food and great kisses without guilt!  And I can get the blog post done.  Guilt free!

So having a bad week?  Pedal like the wind!  It works for me!


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