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I am sitting here in the red chair at my house, after a VERY long day.  Traffic and weather were both bad this morning, I got a lot done work, AND I drove down to have Parent/Teacher conferences with the  Manchild.  I am tired.

So I am here, and I just got my butt kicked in Words With Friends by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Teri.  (But then she and her sister Barb kick my butt often!)  with the lap top open while I was playing, pondering my next post.  I just wasn’t sure what to write about.  And I considered crawling in bed and not posting at all.

It just seemed wrong to do so though.  I always post… Somehow, in the last year, I became an everyday blogger.

I never planned do write every day.  Shoot, I kinda expected me to do come out all gangbusters, for a week or so, and then stop.  That was well over 300 posts ago….  And I haven’t had this blog for a year yet.

No one makes me post.  Michelle doesn’t stand there with a big stick and yell “Type Dammit!!” this is all me.  I like taking 30 minutes to an hour each day to sit and focus my thoughts on what I am thinking.  Sometimes, the post is written before I even start.  My fingers are barely able to keep up,  Other times, I feel like the thoughts are deep in a well, and it takes forever to pull them up with a rope.

My day just doesn’t seem complete if I haven’t written one.  Whether its early in the morning, at lunch or before bed, I just feel better after having written.

Regardless of the subject, it’s just personally rewarding to me to look back on what I have written since January.  Honestly, some of it aint that great, while some others are pretty darn funny or entertaining.  No matter what, though, it all comes from that faulty connection between my head and fingers (hence the typos).  Maybe sometime I will repost some of my favorites.

Now add to it, people read what I write.  Shoot some of you read every day!  I have brought this up more than once in my posts, but it amazes me people make time to read what I’ve written.  There are only so many hours in a day, yet y’all give up part to see what is on my mind.  I have 200 followers on the blog, plus my facebook friends.  I know not all read all the time, shoot could be some have only read once.  But at least 200 people thought whatever I had to say was worth clicking the Follow button.

I guess the reason for this post is to thank you all, one time readers and true followers.  In real life I tend to be cold and callous and anti social, (ask anyone) but I am glad I create something you feel is worth reading.  I appreciate every “like” and comment!  I also hope I can keep this up for a long time to come!

Ok, time for bed, Night y’all!


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  1. You are more dedicated than I am! For the first two years I was on WordPress I posted three articles a week. However, in the last year I’m down to about two a week — life keeps getting in the way!

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