Ghosts vs. Life on Other Planets

One thing readers of this blog may not know is I graduated from WSU to be a science teacher.  Throughout Jr. and Sr. High School as well as college  I took every science class I could.  Biology, Physics, Marine Biology, Geology, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and  Forestry.   I enjoyed each and every one of these, and from time to time, the things I learned have come in handy.

I never did become a high school teacher, but the math and science I learned helped me a lot when I was investigating auto accidents and evaluating injuries at the Mighty P.  In my humble opinion, math and science are the two most important things a kid can learn.  Not just for the subject itself, but it trains them to think.

This is why I question everything and take nothing on faith.  My rule is “If I haven’t seen it, or it isn’t logical or make sense, then I doubt it.”  So personally to me, this means I believe there is life on other planets, but I do NOT in any way believe in ghosts.  Some people don’t understand how I can believe in one and not the other.

Now first off, I should point out, I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t believe in ghosts.  Both my mom and dad swear they had many experiences over the years with ghosts.  As a kid, we loved hearing about stories from his time growing up in a haunted house.  They were great around a campfire.

My kid sister has told me a ghost visited her in a place we lived in as a kid (never visited me) and that there is one living in her house in England to this day.  They firmly believe, but until I see one, it just doesn’t make sense.

Why?  Well for no other reason, there is no reliable proof that they exist.  No evidence, no photos (that can’t be debunked)  No live TV news coverage nothing. People tell me that it’s because ghosts a shy or don’t want to be seen.  Maybe, but after all this time, (tens of thousands of years of humankind) not one ghost wants to be seen?  How many people, while alive, do everything the can to get in front of a camera?  After all this time not ONE person like this has ever become a ghost?

Then there is the theory that cameras can’t capture the image of a ghost.  OK, if someone can explain to me how the eye can see something that HD cameras can’t (unless they aren’t really there.) then I might start to at least consider.

Well obviously there is no proof at all of life on other planets.   Yet I firmly believe this to be true.  Why is it different?  Because there is no logical reason it shouldn’t exist. Look up at the night sky, every star out there is a sun like ours.  For every one you see, there are untold numbers that are too far away for us too see.  Even if only a very small percentage had habitable planets you couldn’t count them all.

And then, just this morning on NPR, there was a report and an interview with a scientist supporting this view.  Studies have shown, that there are at least 40,000,000,000 (that’s 40 billion) planets that may be capable of supporting life.  This is determined by a solar system with a star similar in size to ours, and with a planet about the same distance away from it.

40 billion?  With that many, how could life NOT start on at least a few?  It happened here, so why not there?  Now I am not saying there are Vulcans, Romulans or Klingons, or even a comparable civilization to us on any of these.  Maybe its only bacteria, or more complex single-celled organisms.  Or only plant life.  Who knows what kind, but it would be life.

Now, if per chance there is an advanced race checking us out (UFO sightings) why don’t we have them on film?  Well first off, I think most UFO sightings are as reliable as ghost sightings.  But, if even some are legit, would you let yourself be seen by a world that might shoot you down?  If they have the technology to get here, then it would make sense they could be undetected.

So, a different post from me on a Sunday, but news story got me thinking today!

What do you believe and why?


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