A First for us

Folks it has been a busy weekend!  I spent all afternoon Saturday working at the Dusted Valley tasting room in Woodinville.  It was the last weekend of their fall offering, and they brought in extra help.  My job was pulling orders from the wine closet, restocking the wine, and carrying cases out to people’s cars.  By the end, I was exhausted!

imageToday was errand day, and doing all the stuff that didn’t get done yesterday.  I feel like I was running almost all day!  (Ok except for watching the Seahawks win!)  Dinner is now made, kitchen clean (when I good kitchen gets MESSED up) and its time to sit!

Though in less than 3 hours, Manchild and I will experiencing a first for us! for those of you who don’t know, Manchild is our 15-year-old son.  He and I have had many adventures over the years.

When he was 11, I drug him out on his first (and to date only) organized biked ride.  The 25 mile route of the Flying Wheels Summer Century. (Dad’s Make Mistakes Too)   He had fun, though, since I made us get there early, we missed all the food stops (they weren’t open yet!)

Eric and Dad at the starting line of Flying Wheels 2009
Eric and Dad at the starting line of Flying Wheels 2009

On that trip, the most exciting thing for him was the road kill we almost hit…  Yeah haven’t convinced him to do that again!

Two summers ago, he and I had two different adventures!  First we made a banzai trip to Idaho to hit Siilverwood Amusement Park.  He and I rode every ride, on both the roller coaster side and Water park.  It was a blast.  We at bad food, and drove all night to get home.  One of the most fun weekends he and had ever had together.  (Though my cyclist tan was a bit embarrassing for him!)


That same year, he and I did a 5 K obstacle course.  Now, being who we are, we couldn’t do just a normal course.  No, ours had to have Zombies chasing us!

imageYep, we the Run for Your Life zombie run.  5 KM (3 miles) full of 250 zombies chasing you and trying to rip off your 3 flag football flags.  Sadly, he and I both died, but we did every obstacle, including those with live electricity and had a lot of fun!

imageSo, as you see, we do a lot together, from trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, to sitting in Starbucks playing cribbage.  So what is today’s first?

Well, he stays with his mom 35 miles away most of the time, and he is up every other weekend, so even on weekends he is here, I normally take him home after dinner so I can get home and be ready to get up at 5 for work.

He and I both like The Walking Dead, so we watch it at our respective houses and text during the episode.  But in the 4 seasons its been on, we have never been watched it together, until tonight!  Since tomorrow is Veterans day he has the day off (I have to work).  But he doesn’t have to be home to get ready for class tomorrow!

So tonight, we will sit on the couch and watch the show and complain about Carl not listening.  Tomorrow, he can sleep in, then take the bus to Seattle, we will have dinner, watch a movie, and then i can drive him home from there.

So, it’s a little thing, not earth shattering, but we’ve been excited about it all week!  I hope it’s a good episode!




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