Some things still amaze me



You know, today was a long day and a late night.  Had a lot to do at work, and tomorrow will be busier (I have to try to help a Brit control his language (loves the F-bombs) during a presentation with up to 30 people at a time).  Then the Manchild caught a bus to Seattle, we went to see Thor 2 (helluva flick!) and then I took him home.  It’s now after 930, and almost passed my bed time!




I thought about just skipping the post today, no one would mind.  But after a while things become a habit.  And there were just some things that made me think today.




It was a day of past and future for me.  I love days like this.  




Maybe future is the wrong word.  But there was a definite modern vs the past going on.  As always we woke up to NPR this morning.  And they had a story of the 4 remaining Doolittle’s Raiders gathering in DC for Veteran’s Day.  These were guys who flew bombers off aircraft carriers in 1942 to bomb Japan…    It just amazed me that men who did this were still around (hell one is 98).


English: Doolittle Raid. Taken from the deck o...
English: Doolittle Raid. Taken from the deck of the USS Hornet (CV-8), a B-25 bomber makes its way to be part of the first U.S. air raid on Japan. (U.S. Navy photo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


These mean have been seen so much.  Pearl Harbor, Hitler, propeller planes turning into jets, the space race, news reals turning into black and white TVs to flat screens and iPads.  Typewriters turning to word processors, to computers.  I just sit there and wonder, how many stories do these guys have that may so be lost forever.




This combined with my day.  WiFi was a pain in the ass at work, arguing with a tech guy about what I needed for a demo tomorrow (Dude I teach these people every day, don’t tell me what I do and don’t need, you build it teach it, just give it to me!)  My PowerPoint and Articulate software were NOT talking to each other and finally I had to get the network working when I got home just to blog.




I grew up not having to worry about being drafted, as are my two boys.   It’s because these 4 and millions like them took care of business.   It’s because these guys were braver than I would ever be, that I can get on here and say whatever I want whenever I want to.




Guess I just want to say thanks.  Soon none of this generation will be with us, let’s hope we and our kids never forget how bad things were and where we might’ve been without them!




Thanks for listening.








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  1. Very true. I’m thankful for those who serve and am glad that I haven’t had to be among them. I’m too chicken.

    Also, I’ve gotta see Thor 2, if for no other reason than Chris Hemsworth, hopefully without his shirt 🙂

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