Ruining My Cold and Callous Image

You know, I have worked hard over the years to earn the name Cold and Callous Valente.  I skip unit lunches, plug-in the ear buds and ignore people, basically mind my own business and let others do the same.

At the Holy P, the ladies I worked with made it their own personal challenge to get me to do things outside of work.  I am happy to say I won MANY more times than I didn’t.  Shoot, when out-of-town, there were times I flat lied through my teeth to avoid going out to dinner with people from work.

Now don’t get me wrong, most of them I liked a lot, but I give 40+ hours a week and jump to help out whenever I can.  But given the choice, I keep to myself and get my own stuff done. And once work is done, its my time.  Yep, Cold and Callous is MUCH easier!

But then, I hear something said about me today, that shows I have to work harder to keep my rep! I received an Instant Message today form one of my oldest friends in the department.  She had had lunch with another co-worker of ours.  I will call her Bob for ease of the story.  Now Bob and I are the two early birds.  I make a point to say “Hi!” each morning.  (I said I was cold and callous, I never said I was rude!)  She is part of my division, but not part of my direct team.  We don’t interact much else, but I she is a very nice lady.

Well during lunch with the two of them somehow I came up.  My friend couldn’t wait to tell me what was said.  Evidently, Bob told her

“It’s a good thing Tony is part of your team!  No one else ever talks, and I was pretty much scared of the whole group.  Then Tony joined.  I am not always sure who he is talking to or what he is laughing about, but he makes the area fun!”

Lord, makes the area fun?  That’s not the rep I am looking for!  OK, I will fully admit, when it is too quiet in the area I get jittery.  There has to be some noise, just so I know people are alive.  I also like to have a good time, so I will crack a joke or two, but this is purely for my own interests.

I work on the top floor of my building, the same as all the execs.  Most people avoid going up there, and when they do, they try NOT to be loud.  “Mustn’t disturb them, they are busy!”  Trouble is I know every one of them, and I know they like people to visit.  So I don’t curb the loudness.  In fact, I go out of my way to stir things up, just to liven the place up some.

If I am not having fun, I am bored, and if I am bored, I am not productive.  Give me fun AND a job I like, and I will go for days!

But, Bob is saying nice things about me to other people.  This can NOT go on, soon others might think I am nice, and then people will want to do lunch, or happy hour, or cycle along with me….

OH HELL NO!!  I think I need to develop a snarl or a growl!!  Once lost, a Cold and Callous rep is hard to get back!  Shoot, with 50 just around the corner, I was shooting for curmudgeon!  Yep, this is going to take some planning……

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