Tired Camper!

I had a bit of a realization this week.  Or maybe that is the wrong word.  I’ve always known that there is more than one type tired.  There’s physically tired and then there is mentally tired.  Both types result in yawning and walking around the office like a zombie.  Both types also result in me seeking out caffeine to counteract it.

Maybe the concept I am looking for, is I’ve finally figured out a sure way to determine which I am suffering from.

When I am physically tired; whether it is from lack of sleep or from hard exercise, or both, all I want to do is go to bed and sleep.  Preferably on a night where I don’t have to worry about the alarm waking me up the next morning.  Then upon waking, I want to have breakfast, sit, read, relax and NOT have to go anywhere for hours.  I like to call this the lazy Sunday syndrome.

That is NOT what I am experiencing this week!  This has been a week of hit the floor running and getting stuff done.  A week of cranking out work product, fixing technical issues, and coming up with plans for things coming done the pike VERY soon.  In short, a week where my brain has been going non stop from the time I got to work until the time I leave. 

I find myself feelingsimilar to when I’ve worked out too hard, I am yawning, and stretching Now, however (at times) the sounds coming out of my mouth are more gibberish than English. This is NOT a good thing when I am supposed to be a trainer!  I get paid to have people understand me.  I am having to work to focus on what the boss is telling and AND people keep saying “Wow you look tired!”  Yep mentally fried I tell ya.

So far you might be asking, “Tony, this sounds like gibberish as well, what’s the point you are trying to make?”

Excellent question!  I am glad you asked.  My realization is this:  When I am physically tired, I want sleep.  Mentally, like right now, I could easily sleep.  But that’s not what I want.  Right now, all I can think about is the bike ride home.  Over an hour of cold fresh air, 80 minutes or so of no thinking except keeping the rubber side down.  Time to let the brain relax and reboot.

Now things happen while rideing where I have to pay attention, but aside from figuring out whether to pass or not, we are NOT talking deep thoughts here.  If I drove home, Michelle would be dealing with someone who could likely nod off while driving, or being beyond cranky with a commute, and still mentally exhausted.

Cycling?  I will be recharged and hungry, able to speak English and carry on a conversation.  Sit, have dinner, relax, and when I crawl in bed, I will be OUT! 

I am just VERY glad this is a bike riding day home!

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