The Perfect Football Weekend!


Folks, I never complain about the weekend coming around.  Especially after a very rough week last week at work.  I always enjoy sleeping in, hanging out with Michelle and enjoying myself.  As with anything, some weekends are better than others.  But this weekend, Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, all three, were great!

I wish all weekends could be like this….

Friday night, Michelle took me out for dinner!  We thought about hanging out in Seattle and walking to an  Italian place near us, but they didn’t start serving till 4:30.

Editors note:  I do NOT understand places like this.  Why wait till 4:30.  People like me get to work by 6:30, and work hard all day.  I am hungry for dinner by 4 at the latest.  Places that don’t open till 4:30 or even 5:30 make no sense to me.  This goes along with breakfast places that don’t open till 7 AM.  I am ready to eat my arm off by then….  No wonder I like Denny’s.

SO, since I got off about 3:30, we went to plan B.  Preservation Kitchen in Bothell.  It’s the restaurant we got married in, and where we went for date night a lot before we got married.  We had polenta tots (YUM!) for an appetizer and I had a killer mushroom swiss burger with a decent red wine.  Very relaxing and fun.

We went home and opened a bottle of Dusted Valley Wallywood, even better red wine and just hung out.  Perfect end to a great evening.  BUT to add to it, as you know from previous posts the University of Washington Huskies LOST to UCLA.  This is one of the 3 pieces needed for a perfect football weekend.

Saturday was brunch with the Mom in law at the Barking Frog in Woodinville.  She loves going out for breakfast and the food there is great.  Service kinda sucked this trip, but overall she had fun.

Then, errand day!  Michelle wanted to get all our errands and chores done Saturday so I could ride Sunday.  First stop was Target for outside lights, then the Mall for Aveda products.  I also surprised her by making her try on new jeans and buying them for her.  (She looked great in them, so this is totally for me!)

When we got home, I attacked the outside Christmas lights.  Now for the record, we have a rule, the lights are NOT turned on until nightfall of Thanksgiving.  But I always jump on a dry weekend in Early November to hang them.  Putting up lights in the rain sucks!.

While hanging them, I was listening to my Washington State Cougs on the radio. They won!!  A game I was thinking we’d be in trouble with!  Piece number 2 of the perfect football weekend.

After the lights I cut up 3 branches that had fallen in the recent wind storm.  Only ONE was ours.  I took one off the hands of the little old lady across the street.  No idea where #3 came from.  Good thing I got  it all done, or there may have been more.

I sat down, and Michelle said, “It’s still early!  Lets knock out Safeway and Costco!”  Now I will say Saturday night Costco people are weird!.  But with that little kick in the pants, we were done!

Sunday morning, slept in.  I was blustery but not really raining.  I mad us breakfast and did the morning Starbucks run, and then saddled up!  Off for a ride!  It started for 10 miles straight into a big head wind going South into Seattle. A couple of times when I was hit by it broadside, I had to control the bike.

But once I got turned around, I was the wind!  It was almost as much fun as going down a steep hill after a long climb! The rain held off, and I had a great 31 mile ride!  Finally feeling like I am making up for not riding last month.

Made it home in time for the kickoff of the Seahawk game!  We won!!  The final piece, a PERFECT football weekend.

I also, during the game, roughed out a route for my California cycling trip next fall.  It looks like it is doable!

Folks I had a great weekend, I hope yours was as well!  Let’s hope it carries into the week!


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