It’s All about the Gear!

So as you may or may not know, I live very close to Seattle Washington, and work right downtown.  This time of year it has some advantages.  At lunch, I can walk to any number of shopping areas for Christmas shopping and NOT worry about parking, or my bike being stolen.  Also at lunch, there are plenty of food trucks to choose from.  Honestly I  could eat at a different one every day for over a month.  Now THAT would be fun.

However, this time of year, there is something about the Pacific Northwest that is NOT an advantage to a cyclist.  Yep you guessed it.  Rain.  And November, historically, is one of our rainiest months.

Today was no exception…

This was a preplanned day for me to cycle home.  Michelle was taking her mom to the doc for a followup on the pacemaker she got last month (it was a GOOD appointment, mom is doing well and some day the assisted living facility is going to call us cuz she is leading a conga line at 9 PM (after bedtime!)).

With the appointment I had three options.  Drive to work myself (then home in a slow rainy commute) Take the bus home or ride the bike.  I chose ride!

I mean let’s face it.  If I am not going to ride in the rain, I am simply going to be stuck in the shed on the rollers all winter.   Even with movies that is hella boring!


I come prepared I have my Novara rain coat

20130419-104202.jpgAs well as Cycling rain pants from the same manufacture.   REI carries a lot of Novara gear, its less expensive than comparable brands, and I have had no complaints about the performance.

I kept seeing the rain coming down though, and I decided the time had come.  The one thing I did NOT have is a good pair of waterproof gloves.  My cold weather gloves work ok, but they take forever to dry. It was time to go shopping.

Luckily, REI is right next door.  I first checked out the cycling gloves, but the waterproof ones were either too expensive, or just didn’t strike my fancy.

HOWEVER, over the years, I have been very successful in repurposing my mountain gear for use on two wheels.  So off to the hiking gloves I went, and I found these:

imageMountain Hardwear, fully waterproof Epic Gloves.  (Cue Tim Allen man grunts here!)  I love Mountain Hardwear!  All my best gear comes from them.  Hats, coats, shorts, you name it! The Manchild has a Mountain Hardwear backpack that is on its 3rd year at school.  He used to kill one every year.  AND the were only $65.

So I was set, with the addition of my nylon helmet cover, I was rarin to go!

And yep, as soon as I got the bike outside I was in the rain and wet!  But I felt like I had full shields on! With a thicker warm layer underneath, I never felt the rain or the cold!  Add to it, the wind was out of the south, it gave me a tailwind and I made GREAT time.

I honestly had a fun ride.  Very few people on the trail, no traffic tie ups, and a stress free 75 minutes!  Hell even the red lights, for the most part, cooperated today!

Got home, brought the bike inside, and wiped it down. hung up the gear to drip dry



And dug into the pasta my wife had made for me!  All in all a damn good end to a day, brought to you by the right gear for the right weather.  If I ever meet the man who invented gortex, I owe him a beer!


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