Nuthin Stops Her

Folks I have a bad habit. 

OK, to be truthful, I am sure I have a LOT more than just one bad habit. 

But this habit I am discussing involves working out.  When I find something I like, say cycling, I missilelock on it and do nothing BUT that for a work out.

When I was climbing mountains, I would hike every weekend.  Then, a couple times a week, I would get to Seattle early, strap on the backpack and go up and down a set of stairs (298 steps one way) up to ten times.

When I was a runner, I would run, and only run, occasionally throwing in a session at the stairs. 

See the pattern?  As a cyclist, whether inside or on the road, all I do is pedal. 

Today I mixed things up a bit, and I can feel it…. 

My wife and I are lucky enough to work for a company with a gym.  And with the gym, we acquired Carlin, a professional trainer.  Starting today, and every Friday for 6 weeks, he offered a boxing /MMA workout class.  (boxing gloves, punching, kicking etc).

Michelle has been telling me forever that I would benefit from “core” training.  I know she is right, but I HATE lifting weights.  She suggested we sign up for this class.  It sounded like fun to me!  Boxing gloves and wraps were ordered from Amazon, and noon we suited up.

I teamed up with a 5’ 2” (and ¾!) Spitfire named Jill.  Carlin wasted no time with us, and we were quickly punching and blocking.  Initially I remember thinking, “Huh, this is easy!”  30 minutes into it I was sucking wind!  That woman is fast and there is some solid muscle behind the punches!  It was everything I could do to keep up and block the punches.

Then Carlin added knees to the workout, 4 punches, then try to knee the opponent twice while moving across the floor (teamed up with Jill I may need to buy a cup!).  Folks, I am here to tell you, I can saddle up and ride for HOURS.  I might be saddle sore, but on any given day I can crank out a century ride (100 miles) without a problem.

This workout, less than an hour by the time we got started, left me dripping sweat and gasping for breath.  Later, at my desk, I was having trouble typing, the arms felt like lead, and I was popping the ibuprofen.  Yep, muscles I haven’t used in years, if ever, are taking to me now…

But that’s not the reason for this post.  The reason is to give a shot out to my wife Michelle.  Readers of this blog will remember that she has an autoimmune condition (under the blanket of Arthritic conditions) known as Misconnective Tissue Disease.  To look at her, you would NEVER know she had anything wrong with her, but it honestly it is harder for her to do normal every day activities than it is for the rest of us.  Working out is even harder for her.

BUT, the best thing for her is to work out.  Keeping the joints moving and body in shape allows her to be able to do the things she likes.  It keeps the swelling down in her joints, and gives her better range of motion in general.  Why do I tell you this?  Because my gorgeous wife, with the extra effort required because of MCTD, was right there with me doing every part of the class!

Being the mother hen that I am, I kept sneaking peeks at her to make sure she was ok (and because I like to check her out in general).  A couple of times, this caused me to almost get clocked in the stomach by Jill!  Michelle was rocking the class!  And her partner was just as sweaty as the rest of us, which shows there was no slacking.  Nothing stops this lady.

The lady is truly inspiring to me.  It would be easy for her to let hurt take over and give up, she refuses!  Her favorite saying is “I can DO it!” and, aside from using the barbcue, she can sure as hell do anything!  You are amazing babe!  Love you and I am very proud of you!

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