Why can’t they use helicopters!

Folks, I’ll warn you right up front, I am going to be complaining in this post.  I do every time this happens, and I probably always will.

We got word (the first inkling was from my buddy Matt on Facebook!  He likes plans and posted a notification of airspace closing) that this was going to happen today.  The radio confirmed it, and the Manchild and I made the call to head south early.  Yep traffic was going to suck something fierce!  And if  we didn’t get out, we might never get him home!

What is it I am talking about?  Well its this:  The president was coming to town today!

I want to make something perfectly clear here.  This is not a politically motivated post.  I have worked hard not to complain on one side or the other about politics.  So my gripe has nothing to do with who the president is, but the results of him being here.  I complain no matter WHO is president!

They STOP traffic.  Right in the middle of every stinkin freeway in the area.  No one gets on, no one gets off, no one moves!! To make it worse, it’s not just the president that causes the problem!  If the Vice President, or during an election year, either candidate flies in, once again they screw up traffic!

WHY???  OK I get there are wackos out there that would love to shoot whoever is in the Whitehouse.  We can’t allow that.  Shoot even the Pope has to right in a bullet proof pope mobile.  So I don’t want them to do anything that makes him less safe.  But how bout you think about us, the people on the road for a change!

First off, they always come for a fund-raiser.  Well, hell, there are very NICE hotels right at the airport!  Hell he could walk there!  Why not have all the rich people come to him.  They don’t close the roads for rich folks (though I am sure they’d like us too!)

OK that can’t work?  (not sure why, but ok) They have helicopters don’t they?  How bout we chopper his (or her’s (in the future)) butt to the place of the fund-raiser.  Then all you have to do is secure the landing site and a short walk to the house of the rich cowboy.  AGAIN, not affecting the rest of us!!

Yes it IS all about me!

Today, we got VERY lucky.  Manchild and I took off early and made a beeline south!  On every overpass and onramp was a State Patrol car (how much does this cost anyway???) ready to stop traffic.  We got past the last one heading southbound and we had clear sailing.

Now the cool thing, I-5 was right along the landing path today.  We got a good close up of Air Force 1!  We both enjoyed that. And we missed being stuck for close to an hour by 10 minutes! Thats WAY too close.

We had dinner, and I dropped him off at his house.  The radio reported traffic was moving, but Seattle was backed up forever.  Luckily I could take 405 home.  I dread every time I hear someone is coming.  And it seems to be happening more and more often up here!

Why can’t they use the helicopters???

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